What Is Urban Farming & Why You Must Know it?

Nowadays, we can see most people saying that they are urban Farmers. When you search about urban farming or its process on the internet, you get thousands of blogs and articles about this practice.

 Urban farming is now supported and recognized by many of the community groups, environmentalists, gardeners, and even many individuals. Sounds great, but do you know what it really means and why these many people got interested in it? One thing is sure that farming in urban areas is not a new idea.

As we already said, there are so many definitions available on the web about “What is Urban Farming”. Here we have shared our view and what we have learned about this trending farming culture.

We understood that Urban Farming is a form of producing or growing food in a highly populated area or city.

Most people are confused between urban farming, homesteading, and community gardening. Though all the above concepts are about growing food or plants in a certain area or house or even in mobile cities, but they all have different processes. Urban farming differentiates itself by assuming the level of commerce and growing food materials to be sold unlike growing for personal consumption. In community gardening, there is no commercial activity. Indoor farming can be achieved by using effective grow tents.

You don’t need to own a large amount of land to start urban farming. Any individual or group of friends, or 2 or 3 neighbors can also start urban farming and with your effort, you can yield substantial amount of products from it. There is no demand or default sales outlet for an urban farm. You can sell your food products to any hotels, restaurants, or even to farmers, anyway you can transport the food from grower to the consumer.

As we are raising more awareness about our food system nowadays, most of us are interested on how to put into effect or to know how food is grown, how it is handled after harvesting and how farmers ship the products from one place to another. People started understanding how far the food travels around places. As a consumer, they had no idea about what it needs and how it goes during shipping. But this modern urban culture has changed and it can change further that. It needs to be in the correct place to start and must be interested enough to study the process.

Urban farming has become a source to increase the amount of locally grown food items and provides information to the public about the various aspects of food that we have all been consuming all the way to reminding them of our basic food culture. How food items are selected to farm, which food are planted in what region and season are really important information that makes an urban farmer even have a clear understanding about what they have to do.

Some urban farms are developed only for education, learning, or any awareness activities. Many farms are created to improve food production in a certain community or specific area. For some, food justice is the main reason for developing an urban farm in their area which actively improves the fresh food production.

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