5 Latest & Best Urban Farming Ideas

Farming and food growing in the cities or houses is not a new idea or concept. Urban agriculture has been followed for thousands of years. One fact about this farming system is that there are various options and techniques available for urban farming like hydroponic systemsgrow tents, and Lights.

Backyard Permaculture

Backyard permaculture is a food growing idea where you create an ecosystem within your backyard or as a neighborhood group. It combines everything from plants, animals, micro-climate, and more. With this, backyard permaculture farmers tried to develop an ecosystem that provides an area where you relax, have fun, and get fresh produce.

Backyard Chickens

The best way to minimize or avoid your dependency on industrial agriculture and the conditions that many animals like chickens are kept in is only to reduce importing of meat by doing the same with your own. Chicken keeping in your backyard is one of the popular idea or concept of urban farming in which you only need a few bucks and without needing a lot of space for keeping chicken livestock. Chickens don’t need that much space, and generally have their space for laying eggs.

Container Gardening

Gardening with containers is one of the most popular way for urban people who likes to get involved in farming but live in some of the most populated cities. This container gardening is an innovative yet simple idea to transform any outdoor area or window space into a little and cute farm. By simply using the containers to farm and plant food crops, any urban farmer can grow fresh vegetables and herbs for personal use without spending lots of money. Sadly, there are no proved supplies and information about container gardening that are available for the guide.

Patio Gardening

This is the next step of container gardening. The gardening ways are similar to container farm but the area is a little bit larger. Many homes or apartments have large-sized patios which has a constant source of sunlight. These kinds of patios can be changed to a little sized farm by growing all types of food materials or herbs. As you see, most of the patio farmers also have container farms in their hanging pots which offer the three-dimensional urban farming culture.
These Vertical Garden Systems are ideal for most patios.

Polyculture for Small Gardens

Are you having a very small space for urban farming? Then this polyculture gardening will be a great choice which yields more products and allows you to grow different types of crops.

In simple words, polyculture is the process of growing mix of plants within a garden in order to diversify crops. For example, you can plant lettuce at the bottom of corn plants, in this way you can yield two kinds of food at once. This intensive yet simple method maximize the yields at small space but remember you need to input more effort to select suitable crops, soil, and maintain properly.

These are few simple and easy to maintain urban farming ideas that you can establish in your small space of window or patios.

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