The Best COB LED Grow Lights We Could Find

The Best COB LED Grow LightsCOB LED grow lights are the recent trend in the realm of indoor farming lights. Given their manifold advantages, they have entirely replaced the conventional HID lamps which had been bulkier and unreliable.

What are COB LED Lights?

They are lights with modern technology that uses LED packaging inside LED Light Engine. Multiple chips are packed together as a single module in COB LED lights which make the lights emit intense lighting.

Advantages of COB LEDs over Conventional Grow Lights

Unlike the traditional grow lights, COB LEDs-COB (Chip on Board) lights-help you boost your yield of indoor plants.

They come combined with Cree COB and EpiLED technology and help expand on the white light spectrum with the addition of a small number of green lights. Moreover, they are power efficient, durable, and emit better light.

They become an economically feasible option when it comes to long-term investment as they consume less electricity and produce relatively intense and safer light.In sum, nothing can go wrong with your vegetable garden if you have these lights installed in.

If this is for the first time, you are going to buy COB LED lights for your grow tent, it might be hard for you to know the right one to go for. In the following, we have compiled our 7 best picks for COB LED grow lights available in the market after rigorously searching through the specs and exhaustively flipping through the consumer reviews on Amazon.



1. BESTVA DC Series 4000W LED Grow Light

BESTVA DC Series 4000W LED Grow LightThe BESTVA 4000W Full Spectrum Dual-Chip LED Grow Light is equipped with the chips that are 10-Watts. This makes them the exceptional COB LED lights in the market.

Their 10-Watts give them the brightness that is far intense than the brightness emitted by the lights with 5 or 3-Watts LED chips.

BESTVA 4000W also offers the accurate Lumen output created by each LED Chip in the grow lights market.

As the name implies, BESTVA 4000W Full Spectrum is a full spectrum LED grow light in the real sense and is equipped with everything you need for healthily growing your indoor plants.

BESTVA 4000W can provide your vegetables or blooms a true alternative of natural sunlight throughout their growing stages.

To keep BESTVA 4000W ventilated all the time, the manufacturer of BESTVA 4000W COB LED light has placed a powerful cooling exhaust fan which is very useful. The best thing about this cooling fan is that it doesn’t make a noise like many other grow light cooling fans.

Certain holes are made in the aluminum body to keep the COB LED grow light cooler and ventilated. In its performance, it can easily replace the 1400-Watts HPS light bulb and the good news is that in outperforming the bulb, it doesn’t consume so much electricity.

It uses only 390-Watts for providing light and heat to your grow tent. This means a lot of saving on your monthly electricity bill. BESTVA 4000W is a perfect pick for those with around 7.8 x 7.5 inches grow area.

The unit enjoys 3 years guarantee from its manufacturer and also provides 30 days for guarantee satisfaction. This translates into returning the whole kit to the manufacturer to get all your money back within the first 30 days after your purchase.

  • Comes with a full spectrum
  • Incorporates the innovative technology of dual chips
  • Cost-effective
  • Varied LED light range to cater to the needs of different customers
  • Great power saving capability
  • Lacks a daisy chain fixture



2. King Plus 1200w LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

King Plus 1200w LED Grow Light Full SpectrumThe King Plus 1200W Double Chips LED Grow Light is a perfect grow light in terms of saving electricity. It makes use of hardly 235-Watts of energy and saves a great amount of power as compared to its counterparts in the HPS lights.

The King Plus 1200W Double Chips LED Grow Light has 10-Watts LED chips installed in them in place of 3-Watts and 5-Watts. It means that these lights are quite efficient and bright as compared to other COB LED lights in the market.

The King Plus 1200W Double Chips LED Grow Light is manufactured in the way that the Lumen and PAR values are entirely balanced in them and they boast a full spectrum of LED light which is considered imperative for the growth of indoor plants such as marijuana as they do not acquire any sort of natural light as the plants grown under the sunlight do.

The full spectrum of the King Plus 1200-Watts includes red, blue, yellow, IR, UV, and white LED lights. This full spectrum helps the LED light to provide all the necessary nutrients which a plant can otherwise get from the heat and light of the sun.

The King Plus 1200W Double Chips LED Grow Light makes sure that the plant gets the required heat and light during all the stages of its growth and grows steadily just like in its natural environment.

The good news about the King Plus 1200W Double Chips LED Grow Light is that all its lights work in complete isolation from one another.

This translates into the fact that if one or let’s say two lights are affected or malfunctioning due to some technical fault, the others will keep performing their duties. This feature is great as it doesn’t let the growth of plants get affected.

Further, the company has a 24-hours excellent customer support and replies to the emails within a few hours after lodging complains or queries.

The company also offers a massive warranty for 3-years for their product. This proves to be very helpful in the long run. Three years is a long period to tinker with the product and check it thoroughly for its specifications and return with your full payment back if you face any issue.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Symbolizes a sturdy build
  • A complete spectral caliber
  • Comes with additional UV and IR light effects
  • Consumes minimum power in this price range
  • Excellent PAR outputs
  • Can be switched between two modes. This feature comes handy during various stages of plant growth
  • Fabulous ventilation with cooling fan and exhaust duct
  • Can be extended to additional light with its daisy port
  • Relatively larger coverage
  • Good customer support
  • 3 years warranty
  • Huge positive customer reviews
  • Can collapse if left on for longer than the recommended time at a stretch
  • Elimination of dual and daisy modes could have resulted in better power efficiency



3. 2000W LED Plant Grow Light – Full Spectrum

2000W LED Plant Grow Light - Full SpectrumThe Higrow 2000-Watt Double Chip LED grow light is another excellent pick in COB LED lights that don’t have so many cons. A few disadvantages which will be mentioned at the end are not deal-breakers at all.

And this is the primary reason that it is included in the list of best COB LED lights in our review. You might have heard some growers say that they would prefer Philzon COB LED lights to Higrow.

However, if I were to purchase a COB LED for my grow tent, I would have gone for Higrow because it is cost-effective and has a sufficient spectrum for a grow tent. If Philzon has a better spectrum, it has a ‘better’ price too which only a few growers would be able to afford.

Therefore, if you are on a budget, or maybe if Philzon doesn’t have a fixture in your required size, the Higrow COB LED light might be the right option for you.

These lights are not only well-constructed but are also backed by a pretty long manufacturer’s warranty. Further, they give you a decent light spectrum, though not perfect.

They perform well when it comes to the spread of the light, covering the entire tent area with their dual chip, not the optical lens series. It has a 3.25 x 3.25-foot coverage which is comparable to high quality HID systems.

Like the previous COB LED light model reviewed in this review, Higrow 2000-Watts light also has chips that work in complete individuality. This means if a few of them stop working due to any malfunctioning, the rest will continue emitting light for the constant growth of your farm.

They are daisy-chainable and connect several lights running from a single outlet. However, only two can run at a time. With their AC100 to 240V, these lights can work in any country.

The consumers have rated Higrow COB LED lights for their durability. A few reported having run them for full 5 years without needing to change the bulbs.

With their 3-years manufacturer’s warranty and 30 days money back warranty, they are a risk-free purchase.

  • Excellent spectrum for all the growing stages, particularly the bloom
  • Fabulously spreads all around the grow tent with its intensive PPFD covering all the sides, not just the middle
  • Over 3 x 3 coverage range
  • Equipped with daisy chain, though merely two light simultaneously
  • Relatively low price
  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • A few more white diodes could have benefited the spectrum
  • Daisy chain connects only two lights at a time
  • Short power cord length-only 6 feet
  • No separate plugs for bloom and vegetable mode.



4. Growstar 1000W LED Plant Light

Growstar 1000W LED Plant LightThis grow light particularly appears to be ideally designed for weed cultivations, however, it should not suggest that it is not suitable for lighting other plants.

Its most standout feature is its three massive cooling fans which are placed in the rear pf this COB LED light. Its construction in itself is perfect to keep the unit ventilated.

Moreover, the inbuilt aluminum heat sink is also there which along with the three gigantic fans disperses warmth produced inside and helps keep the unit cool and ventilated.

This results in better performance, a better growth environment, and ultimately more yield. The fans are quite to keep your peace and serenity of home intact.

BridgeLux, the LED markers used inside its manufacturing imparts it exceedingly sturdy build. Moreover, 5-Watts chips are used in it which together make 200 pieces.

What’s more, this COB LED is Zener secured which means the continuation of light even if one or more LEDs fail to emit light due to any damage or technical flaw.

It is durable enough to last for full 100,000 working hours. Like many other COB LED lights, they also come with three years warranty on quality and 30 days money back warranty from its manufacturer.

  • Durable
  • 30 days money back warranty from the manufacturer
  • 3 years of product quality warranty
  • Energy-saving
  • High output in low power consumption
  • Reasonably priced
  • Full-spectrum LED with UV and IR
  • Control switches for Veg/Bloom included
  • Efficient cooling system
  • The ratio between blue and red light is imbalanced
  • No daisy chainable feature



5. 2000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

2000W LED Grow Light Full SpectrumGREENGO 2000-Watts LED grow light is a Turkish grow light that is being sold atan extremely reasonable price. It provides the crops with unparalleled coverage for light and heat and secures better yield at the end.

Measuring whopping 17x8x2.2 dimensions and weighing six pounds, GreenGo 2000W is one of the sturdiest, strongest and at the same time, heavier and larger COB LED light in the market.

It is equipped with three cooling fans that render the best cooling effect to plants in your indoor space. It further has a daisy chain and a heat sink located in it which lets it work well with the other LEDs and power outlets.

This extends the size of the LED light making it perfect for the larger spaces to light plants. With its Veg and Bloom switches, it can emit light to cater to the needs of plants at germination, flowering, and fruiting stages.

Unlike most of the LEDs in the market which come with a double chip, GreenGo 2000W comes with triple chip LEDs which makes it far superior to the other COB LED lights and helps maintain a more extended coverage and intense PAR output.

Its Azen diode design means that it can continue to work at the same range even if one or more LEDs stop functioning due to internal issues or external damage. The LEDs come in UV, IR, red, hot white, blue, and red pieces.

Its fans have an incorporated aluminum heat sink which helps to keep the grow tent cool. These fans are featured with a noise control system that makes it comfortable for an in-house grow tent.

Its daisy chain function not only helps to connect it with other devices but also improves performance, multiplies yield, and curtails on energy usage.

On top of it, GREENGO LED grow light enjoysa 90-day full money-back guarantee from its manufacturer and a 3-year quality warranty.

  • Easily affordable and great bang for your bucks
  • Easy to setup and maintain
  • Comes with daisy chain feature for extension
  • Efficient cooling with three fans
  • Novel triple chip LED design for larger coverage
  • Equipped with a three-ways lighting option
  • Veg and Bloom control switches
  • Has a sturdy and adjustable hanger
  • Provides full spectrum that reaches each corner of your space
  • Gracious money-back warranty for 90 days
  • Not waterproof
  • Has a short length cord
  • Daisy chain feature can accommodate only three colored light simultaneously



6. Mieemclux 1500W LED Grow Light with Reflector

Mieemclux 1500W LED Grow Light with ReflectorThese grow lights come with a relatively higher PAR value due to being equipped with 15-Watts LED bulbs with triple chips in them. This alone is enough to enhance their light and heat which is important for the growth of your indoor plants.

The unit comes with a 1500-Watts output which makes it emit quality lighting in your grow tent. Apart from this, Mieemclux COB LED lights to have a perfect reflector that can bear up to 120-degrees of temperature.

It also features a chainable daisy light which lets you connect more LED lights with it and enables it to cover larger spaces.

The best thing about Mieemclux COB LED lights is that despite its optimal output, it consumes a mere 260-Watts and is an energy-saving pick, benefitting you in the long run.

Also, Mieemclux COB LED light has two channels-Veg and Bloom. While Veg helps during the germination procedure, Bloom maximizes the flowering and fruiting process.

Its setup is just a breeze as it can be hung at the desired location within minutes after unboxing.

It generates intense heat that can increase with the increasing humidity in your space. However, the fans are quite effective to keep it cool and you can rely upon it that it will last longer and give you a maximized yield.

  • Efficient and powerful
  • Can withstand intense temperatures
  • Energy-saving
  • Durable
  • Easy to setup
  • Covers a large area
  • Comes with Veg and Bloom modes
  • Incorporates Daisy chainable feature
  • Expensive



7. HYSTORM HY 2000W LED Grow Light

HYSTORM HY 2000W LED Grow LightThe WHOSLED Hystorm Upgraded 2000W LED Grow Light is an impressive full spectrum COB LED light. Its manufacturer underwent an extensive indoor planting experience which enabled the company to manufacture a COB LED light as efficiently as this.

For this, they made use of 9 various kinds of LEDs to finally conclude that the light used in HYSTORM HY 2000W LED Grow Light is the genuine spectrum and truly imitates sunlight.

Owing to this, HYSTORM HY 2000W LED Grow Light is an ideal COB LED for all the stages in plants grown in a hydroponic grow tent.

Further, like other quality COB LED lights, HYSTORM HY 2000W LED Grow Light also has two modes-Veg and Bloom. The former is for plants being through the germination while the later switch is to help the plants grow when they are undergoing the process of blooming, fruiting and flowering.

A point to consider here is that you should not leave the light switched on for consecutively 12 hours a day if you want your light to have an extended life span.

The fact that each of its light is handmade makes it more reliable and renders it the lifespan of 100,000 hours which we together agree is an impressive life of a COB LED light.

The possible quibble with HYSTORM HY 2000W LED Grow Light can be that it emits a lot ofheat and you would need a pretty large cooling fan to keep your grow tent ventilated and cool so that your tiny saplings do not burn.

Finally, its 3-years warranty an additional 90 days money-back guarantee to make it a great go-to option.


Buying Guide

In the following, we have listed the things you must keep an eye on while picking a COB LED light for you.

  • Consider COB LED Fixtures with Adjustable Spectrum Output

Most of the COB LED lights come with a wide spectrum that emits more or less a similar amount of light as the sunlight. However, all of them are not equipped with adjustable spectrum output.

Carefully check whether the COB LED light you are choosing can adjust the spectrum output as this option comes in handy when the small saplings change at their growth stages. With this option, you will be able to grow your plants as if they were growing in a natural environment.

  • Cooling Systems are Important.

All COB LED lights to come equipped with their cooling systems. It is quite important for COB LED light to have a built-in cooling technology as without this, COB LED light will not be able to last long, and not only this, it can also result in potential damage to your plants in the grow tent.

To get healthy plants, you should choose the COB LED light with an effective cooling system. For this, check the specs for heat dissipation and UL fan as these two features come in handy whenever the temperature is increasing above the required one in your grow tent.

  • Get COB LED Fixtures with Constant Driver Circuit

A circuit driver is important as it enables the COB LED light to make correct temperature adjustments. Most of the COB LED lights in the market have these drivers which help to supply current constantly and in turn regulate the light intensity, keeping it stable.

However, while purchasing ensure that your COB LED light has this feature as it is in proximity connected with the temperature since it is light which produces heat.

  • Know What You Want to Grow

Then it is very important to know which COB LED light performs best indoors and which is primarily meant for outdoor greenhouses. The one which is designed to work outdoors may not perform well for your indoor grow tent and vice versa.

Check the specifications of the COB LED light you choose and read the consumer reviews on the site about the performance of COB LED lightin and outdoors.

  • What About the Cost?

Well, almost all the COB LED lights are priced high, and you will have to spare a pretty good amount of your budget to spend on it once.

Usually, those which are significantly higher in price as compared to their counterparts are the cost-effective options. They will save you more power and prove themselves to be the best value for money, consuming less electricity, and giving your yield the heat and light necessary for it to flourish.

In this way, the pricier options prove themselves to be the wisest investments in the long run. All in all, we would advise you to go for the one which pays you off at the end of the day.

Final Thought
Hopefully, the COB LED grow light review must have proved itself to help formulate your opinion to buy one. While purchasing, consider the factors listed above, such as the size of your indoor area specified for planting, the spectrum of light you need, the adequacy of the cooling system.

Smaller grow areas may heat up faster if you use a lighting system with high output, therefore, make sure you have cooling fans or choose the COB LED lights that can self-cool due to their in-built cooling feature.

Choosing the right COB LED light might be a bit of trial and error for you initially, so don’t forget to be patient as settling for one without checking and tallying the specifications with the guide above may result in a bad investment.

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