Super Grower Indoor Grow Tent and Grow Light Complete Kits / 300W LED Grow Lights+4 Inch Grow Tents Ventilation Kits (32X32X63 INCH) Grow Tent System for Indoor Plants

Super Grower Indoor Grow Tent and Grow Light Complete Kits / 300W LED Grow Lights+4 Inch Grow Tents Ventilation Kits (32X32X63 INCH) Grow Tent System for Indoor PlantsGrowing plants indoors is a temperamental, not a simple task with a perfect environment needed, and many other factors to consider. For beginners and experts alike, it is difficult to navigate for the best grow tent to grow plants indoors.

Among various other options, Super Grower Indoor Grow Tent is a wonderful option recommended by dozens of experienced farmers who have been using it successfully to produce their yield for years.

This grow tent will not only elevate your indoors farming setup but also provide potential support to your vegetation throughout the growing stages.

The best about Super Grower Indoor Grow Tent is that it is super easy to install. You would be able to set up the tent as well as a fan within 20 minutes after unboxing it.


  • 300-Watt LED grow light for indoor vegetation
  • Square shaped32x32x63
  • 4-inches tent ventilation(24*24*48 inch)
  • 4 inches fan and 100-Watt filter
  • Highly reflective
  • 300-Watt full spectrum LED light
  • 2 x 3 gallons fabric grow pods
  • 1 x ph tester
  • 160mm bonsai shears

Feature Description

There are a couple of standout characteristics that make Super Grower Indoor Grow Tent a great pick for you.

The most stand apart feature is its filter and fan combination for ventilation. Amidst a blend of a zinc-anodized steel mesh and a coarse carbon layer, you will get optimal filtration in your grow tent.

This cleverly designed ventilation system traps all the displeasing smell produced inside the tent, keeping it fresh and cool for your plants to grow at their full bloom.

As for the build, Super Grower Indoor Grow Tent is quite sturdy with its metal rods in a sufficient diameter and coated in highly reflective paint. Its plastic sides are thick enough to withstand the wear and tear with time.

Moreover, its full spectrum allows you to plant your plants in it at any stage-from germination to fully blossomed flowers. Paired with a completely resilient outer shell, Super Grower Indoor Grow Tent is a magnificent choice for your indoor farming.

Super Grower Indoor Grow Tent may not appear to be good enough at first glance but with its handful of standout features, it makes itself one of the most powerful tools for small scale growing projects.

Its compact size becomes an advantage for a grower giving him/her several options on how and where to grow. Super Grower Indoor Grow Tent gave you complete control over the tent configuration.

For the plants like mushrooms which constantly require light, Super Grower Indoor Grow Tent has powerful LED lights. These LED lights keep the grow tent lit at a perfectly right level while keeping the moisture and temperature level steady.

Further, these lights do not generate any ultra-heat and work 8 hours a day.

  • Effective tent ventilation system
  • Adjustable LED light height
  • Protected against light leakage
  • Grows in any growing stage
  • Durable
  • Reflective
  • Comes with fan and filter combo for ventilation
  • Hydroponic build
  • Customizable setup
  • Small-sized
  • Small kit size
  • Small kit
  • No speed control on fan


Final Thought
The major issue with this kit is its compact size that holds only a handful of either medium or small-sized plants. However, the same may become a perfect reason for homeowners living in small and medium-sized homes.

It saves space and lets your plant with discretion.

With its wholly enclosed interior and effective fan filtration combo ventilation system, this is an excellent grow tent for all those growers struggling to grow with an attempt to save space.

Its solid structure stands upright for years and the filtration system doesn’t let your home get filled with any unwanted odor.

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