Smart Indoor Greenhouse Tent W/a WIFI Accessible 4-Site Hydroponic Grow Kit System

Smart Indoor Greenhouse Tent W/a WIFI Accessible 4-Site Hydroponic Grow Kit SystemAre you searching for a garden kit to plant indoors?

The hydroponic garden kits are excellent units that will provide your crops with a suitable environment to grow indoors.Most of them have LED lights in them so that they may provide sufficient light to the plants in the absence of the sun.

Besides this, they are crafted to carry the various number of plants depending on the number of pods they have in them. Depending upon your preference, you can choose between a soiled or soilless unit.

There are a few things you must consider while buying one for you. They are:

  • LED lights
  • The number of plant holes
  • Watering system
  • Design
  • Soil vs soilless

The Smart 24″ x 48″ x 70″ Indoor Greenhouse Tent Package Includes:

  • Anindoor hydroponic greenhouse grow tent with the following measurements

(24L × 48W × 70H in inches)

  • Two cans of rocket boom plant nutrition
  • Two bags of clay and rock pebbles
  • Eight Rockwell cubes
  • An instruction manual with detailed illustrations on how to use the kit
  • Two cultivation RX WIFI smart 4-site Hydroponic Pump Systems
  • Two 3.5 gallons reservoirs with four net pots each reservoir
  • A pump system with WIFI smart control board which is compatible with Android & iOS Operating Systems)

Feature Description

With its WIFI compatible pump system, it waters itself and is highly convenient for you. This system ensures that your vegetation never runs out of water. Moreover, it retains water for a longer duration and is reliable.

The kit comes with high versatility.You may choose to plant various herbs, flowers, greens, or anything else in it.

Using its special technology, it provides oxygen to the roots

It has 6 grow pods and is a great pick for middle-sized families to grow their plants in it.

It is completely clean due to being soilless and can be kept anywhere in your home easily.

Due to its WIFI, it is compatible with any Apple IOS or Android app and can be remotely controlled.

With its two bottles of rocket boom plant nutrition, it keeps your plants fertilized and enhances plant growth.

It doesn’t take so much space and can be perched on your balcony too.

Some Pros of Using the Smart 24″ x 48″ x 70″ Indoor Greenhouse Tent

The kit may require you to spend some time learning the new farming applications in the beginning. However, it brings a lot of advantages in the long run.

With this, you don’t need to observe the methods for crop rotation. You can grow the same crop in it season after season as there are no pests and there is no issue of nutrients being absorbed by the crop.

Moreover, it lets you artificially control your crops and you don’t fear the extreme weather conditions that may be harmful to your crops.

You don’t need an open area for growing your crops, any unused space indoors can be turned into your farm and you may grow any type of plants close to each other.

What’s more, Smart 24″ x 48″ x 70″ Indoor Greenhouse Tent helps save water. The researchers found that the hydroponically grown plants consume around 1/10 of water as compared to the plants grown in conventional farms outdoors.

Also, it allows the farmers to control and save the number of nutrients they provide to the plants. You can well check the nutrients a plant needs and provide separate plants separate kinds of nutrients right away.

Lastly, since the method doesn’t involve soil, it attracts fewer pests as most of the pests reside in the soil and harm the crops.Fewer pests mean better outcomes.

Cons of Using Smart 24″ x 48″ x 70″ Indoor Greenhouse Tent

Like every other indoor planting kit, Smart 24″ x 48″ x 70″ Indoor Greenhouse Tent has its cons too.

The first is a high level of commitment. You cannot leave your crops unattended for weeks without any examination. The tent farming indoors requires a high level of responsibility which can be tiresome.

In addition to various equipment required for a hydroponic system, you also need to equip yourself with technical knowledge.

Water has an important role to play in tent farming as the plants cannot absorb water from the soil and completely depend on the water you put in them. Therefore, a shortage of water can result in serious circumstances.

Its setup is quite expensive. Other than the tent you would require equipment to install the tent and other essential sources like nutrients, containers, lights, and tools for proper functionality.


Final Thought
The possible issues aside, Smart 24″ x 48″ x 70″ Indoor Greenhouse Tent is an amazing kit to grow crops indoors without soil. It appears more and more people will adopt this method as it holds great opportunity for organic and hydroponic growers.

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