Mindful Design LED Indoor Herb Garden – at Home Mini Window Planter Kit for Herbs

Mindful Design LED Indoor Herb GardenOverview

While you may appease your gardening instinct by beginning with a few containers, some rich loom and a some seeds, a dedicated indoor plant garden or at best a full started gardening kit can allow you to get the ball rolling like a pro, especially when you are a novice with no idea how to begin planting.

Mindful Design Multi LED Indoor Herb Garden helps you get fresh herbs and fruits to your table and with this you won’t need to rush to your corner store at the last hour just because you left the basil and parsley off your grocery list.

Fresh herbs to sprinkle on your taco from your Mindful Design Multi LED Indoor Herb Garden can truly elevate the flavour and turn an ordinary dish into something special.

Its lights source has an adjustable setting and can be customized to your height. Moreover, its rounded flat area with easy to control interface helps accumulate any errant water.

It is a modern minimalist design that can ideally be kept on desks, windowsills, kitchen counters and bathrooms. Its multi-spectrum LED light comes with a shut-off timer.

In sum, this cute little desktop garden is a real go-to option as it provides you with the best place to satisfy your green thumb if you cannot spare time at the moment for a full greenhouse.

  • Material: Manufactured by processed PVC which is extremely mobile
  • Working Time: Twenty-five thousand hours
  • Lumens: 850
  • Power: 14W
  • CRI: 95 plus light shades
  • Temperature: 4000K
  • Voltage: one hundred-240V
  • Dimensions: 14″ L x 8.2″ W x 16.5” H

Feature Description

It comes nicely packed and at unpacking you may feel as if you were going to build a computer. However, when you get all its bits out of the box you would know that it is less daunting.

The instructions to assemble are simple and clear and the assembly is typically a snap-together and sort of straightforward. once after getting it together, you will have a smart LED Grow Lightbox which can be simply plugged in after putting together.

Highly Portable

Due to its compact size and mobile design, it can be kept anywhere-at your work office, kitchen counter, bedroom window, flat balcony or in your garden outside.

This highly movable lawn is the easiest solution for the inexperienced but keen growers to get their garden on, anywhere they want to.

Sunlight Simulated LED

Its intense 850 lumen, 14W LED is able to simulate herbal daylight and encourages wholesome vegetation enlargement. This integrated LED by simulating daylight, helps the process of photosynthesis and ensures robust growth of your plants.

Its unusual multi-spectrum LED light gives various levels of intensity and wavelengths of sunlight-this in turn simulates sun rays to develop plants effectively.

Since the requirement of light varies according to the type of plants, you have an option to get the details on the individual plants which require more light. This light, moreover, has a 4-hour shut-off timer for your convenience.


This grow kit is environment friendly as its PVC board is eco-pleasant and its LED that illuminates the whole area is also harmless to your surroundings.

Auto Timer

Its LED can be automatically set to 16 hours on and 8 hours off mode so that you don’t need to turn the light manually off and on according to the plants’ needs.

Grow Any Plant

With this green kit, you don’t need to have any additional apparatus. You may grow any seedling or plant as long as it suits its size. It is a perfect pick to grow the whole lot of seasonal fruits and leafy green vegetables.

Adjustable Height

Its height can be comfortably adjusted if you extend the steel neck of its light. it will make the house roomy for taller herbs.

Sleek and Modern Structure

This mindful design is minimalist but modern at the same time. Its round-shaped bottom plate with easy controls and the movable steel light all go a long way to give it a sleek, simple and up-to-date look which best suits your countertop, bedrooms, bathrooms, desks and windowsills.

To the downside, this grower doesn’t have any catch pan for water, therefore, you need to check it regularly.

And if you are usually busy, this becomes a trouble for you as it doesn’t alarm you for the water requirement. This way the plants may die out. Further, an open bottom may be ok if a tray to catch water is added else it would all spilled over your table.

These small issues aside, for tiny cacti or succulents, this unit would be ideal. For herbs, it surely is not a great option.

  • Economically priced
  • Sleek build
  • Perfect for beginners with a gardening passion
  • A great option in desktop greenhouse kits
  • Great go-to for growing small plants for your household
  • Luminous LED light
  • Only suitable for small-sized plants
  • Lacks water dishes
  • Doesn’t intimate for water refill


Final Thought
The compact Mindful Design indoor garden is highly recommended, flaunting a stylish and intimate structure that essentially glows in any room, and is a must-have notably for those seeking absolutely perfect-looking vegetables to spice up their living area.

A built-in 850-lumen lamp provides your thyme and rosemary a continuous patterning of artificial sunshine, with an electronic timer that turns off the lamp at night times.

The interior of the diorama will accommodate up to three plant pots securely, and creates a lovely kitchen counter decoration for any area in your house.

Although seeds and soil are not included, but with the helpful growing lamp on board, we think it’s an excellent choice for novice growers as well as the more seasoned herb-growers who won’t mind having their hands a little messy.

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