Home-Complete Walk-in Greenhouse-Indoor Outdoor with 8 Shelves

Home-Complete Walk-in Greenhouse-Indoor Outdoor with 8 ShelvesOverview

Are you keen to enhance your home garden? It is high time to multiply your harvest of fruits and vegetables by purchasing a greenhouse that may serve equally well indoors and outdoors.

As the optimized planting environment inside a greenhouse provides an ideal condition to your flowers, fruits, and vegetables-the ideal environment they require in all the stages of their growth. Consequently, it yields voluminous blooms and an impressive harvest.

However, searching for a perfect greenhouse that is apt for the vegetation and is well built according to the climatic conditions of your area may be challenging.

Out of a few rated high by the reviewers and the consumers alike, we have Home-Complete Walk-in Greenhouse-Indoor Outdoor with 8 Shelves, Green which stands out from the rest of the greenhouses in its space. It is quite spacious with its six wired stacks which are located equally at each side. The shelves are sturdy enough to hold 75-pounds of weight.

Moreover, the sliding up door gives you zippered access inside the greenhouse. Its walk-in structure renders it a relatively larger growing space and keeps the greenhouse ventilated which is beneficial especially for the large plants.

  • Space: 2,052 square inches to keep plants
  • Type: Heightened greenhouse, four-tiered
  • The High Points: Comes with the wheels, is spacious for several plants and has a cover to keep itself protected
  • The Not-So: Heavily built but can be run on wheels

Feature Description

Home-Complete Walk-in Greenhouse-Indoor Outdoor with 8 Shelves, is a heightened, four-tiered, and delicately built greenhouse which has an option to be run on wheels.

Portable and Easy to Use

Its portability, ease of use, and sturdily built despite being thin makes it an ideal greenhouse for your indoor and outdoor plants.

Since it is made to stand on wheels, it is highly portable and can be easily commuted from one place to another without you needing somebody’s help.


When compared to the other greenhouses available in the farming market, Home-Complete Walk-in Greenhouse-Indoor Outdoor with 8 Shelves, Green has a relatively larger space for setting up and standing plants.

It has a passage in the middle where you have plenty of places to keep your plants leaving you a patio to walk through.

There are 2,052 square inches of open area to place vegetation somewhere between the four racks. This makes it one of the roomiest greenhouses.

The top shelf has more upright plant capacity. This is because the top of the greenhouse has a triangle shape. And if all four shelves are used the large plants must be put there.

Each is detached from the racks. Thus the number of shelves can also be adjusted to the height required for your plants.

Ideal Environment

Another feature of this greenhouse is its ideal environment. It provides an ideal environment for your seedlings, saplings, plants, and trees that you can expect to have flowers, fruits, and vegetables round the year.


Holding a whopping 12 pounds, it is one of our sturdiest greenhouses. But because of the wheels, it’s also one of the most mobiles. Each shelf is rated to carry up to 24 pounds. That for the whole structure probably amounts to a minimum of 196 pounds.

This greenhouse features a high duty powder-coated steel designed Solid frame. The bolstered, clear high-density polyethylene cover helps with heat retention and inhibits heat dispersal.

This does therefore not rust or break under the sunlight, which should guarantee a long life cycle. Set-up and breakdown are also simple. You will not need assembly equipment. As seasons shift you can very conveniently move it and store.

What Reviewers Say

Reviewers generally seem to be pleased with this greenhouse as per their reviews on various buying sites. They say the exterior cover is dense, sturdy, and works just as they’d expected.

Even the cover protects the greenhouse well, and can even burn up under direct sunshine. Keeping an eye on it and ventilating it on sunny days is therefore crucial.

They also note that the shelves are prone to shift around if not properly mounted. The package contains zip-ties to secure them in if you don’t want to relocate them. They’re key to holding the greenhouse intact.

  • Sturdily built
  • Highly portable
  • spacious to hold plenty of plants
  • easy to assemble and breakdown
  • durable
  • cost-effective
  • The zipper may not last long


Final Thought
We highly recommend this portable and convenient greenhouse as it has a tubular metal that is coated with powder and can hold a lot of potted plants and sapling trays.

The Home-Complete Walk-In Greenhouse is a must for any home gardener! The 12 durable shelves offer plants, seeds, herbs, veggies, or flowers ample space, as well as cultivation supplies.

This flexible planting platform is appropriate for both outdoor and indoor usages; keep it in your window, balcony, roof, or driveway or cellar! With a transparent PVC cover included, saplings can be shielded from frost, cold spells or bugs, and a perfect growing climate can be developed.

With this useful greenhouse, every gardener can hope to prolong his growing season!

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