Garraí Vertical Garden Planter – 3 34 feet high 5-Tiered Raised Garden Box – Indoor or Outdoor planters for Flowers, Herbs, Vegetables or Seeds

Garraí Vertical Garden Planter - 3 34 feet high 5-Tiered Raised Garden Box - Indoor or Outdoor planters for Flowers, Herbs, Vegetables or SeedsOverview

Garraí Vertical Garden Planter is built for growing kales, dill, strawberries and more plants in indoor and outdoor spaces. It is constructed using high quality material which makes it a great planter for the long term.

Since it is a vertical, it is fitted with adequate drainage equipment so that waterlogging can be prevented, and healthy growth of plants grown in it may be ensured. It is a stylish and compact panel that may be kept in spaces like patio, garden or balconies.

If you are looking for a vertical panel to grow your plants, Garraí Vertical Garden Planter is a wonderful choice as it is spacious and can hold many of your plants in the yard. The unit has a long height of 45 inches which makes it a great option for you.

Constructed with duty-coated material, it’s an extremely robust planter that which will render durability. The holder does not immediately consume soil, so preserves plants for strong growth as well. More surprisingly, this garden planter may be used, among others, for herbs, bulbs, and vines.

The box size is 61/4 inches wide, making it a fantastic match for most plants.

It also has a detail driven layout for the proper drainage method, with a runoff hole at the bottom. Aside from the key function of planting, it also creates excellent decor in any room and thus a pick to check out.


  • Constructed with heavy duty steel coat
  • Freestanding height-45inches
  • Detail-oriented layout
  • Plated screws
  • Dimensions: 45 (H) x 21 5/8 (W) x 24 (W) inches. PLANTER BOX 6 1/4 (H) x 19 1/2 (W) x 8 1/4 (D) inches.

Feature Description

Removable Planter Box

Its five planter boxes can be easily removed by just lifting out from the frame boxes. By doing this, you may rearrange and repot them as you want.

This feature comes handy especially for the seniors and those who may not be able to carry weight but still want to continue with the gardening passion.

Easy to Assemble

Its assembly is a breeze. You may expect to have it ready for planting right after 2 minutes of unboxing it.

Strong and Durable Frame

As mentioned in the review that it is manufactured with heavy duty powder coated stainless-steel structure, which is given a trendy finish, it is durable and can stay with you for years. Moreover, it is durable planter boxes are made of polypropylene and are 100 % food safe.

Proper Drainage

Each planter box in Garraí Vertical Garden Planter comes with a drain hole and a root tray riser so that root rots may be prevented, and water can be stopped from spilling out.

A caution is made to locate the drain holes at alternate sides of the planter boxes so that water may equally flow throughout the planter boxes. Optional drain plugs are also present for indoor use.

A Work of Art

Firstly, its vertical hanging looks interesting and is a fun way to plant for gardeners. Secondly, with flowers and plants inside, it really looks like a piece of art to add to the décor of your place. It’s an apt decoration for your patio and balcony. Its charcoal shade allows your flowers to shine brightly.

Utilizes Limited Spaces

Homeowners with limited spaces can think of beautifying their space naturally with this vertical garden planter.

Urban farmers who usually have restricted spaces can also think of growing some food plants or decoration herbs in this planter and satisfy their gardening instinct. It helps utilize smallest vertical spaces and maximizes their utility.

Reduces Clutter

Being a vertical planter, Garraí Vertical Garden Planter helps plant in cleanly and in an organized way. Many minimalists prefer Garraí Vertical Garden Planter for this reason especially.

Cleaner Air

Moreover, it provides you with a living wall in your living room, thus, bringing dozens of health benefits. Indoor plants are known for collecting the grim and dust particles and provides you with a cleaner and fresher environment.


Growing plants in this planter is easy to maintain as it means protection from soil-born pests and other crop ailments such as bacterial and fungal infections. Consequently, you don’t have to bother about their maintenance all the time.

Moreover, it can be used as a privacy shield to cover open spaces like balcony, yard or patio, you may also cover with the places like AC pipes or the outer unit at the rear of your apartment so that it may give a beautiful look.

  • Equally great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Hs a spacious planting area
  • Can be used for décor
  • Sturdily built
  • Consists of drain holes
  • Look cook and require a minimum space
  • Convenient setup, easy watering, equal to no maintenance
  • Provides a limited space for planting
  • Doesn’t support larger plants
  • Dries water quickly making the plants weak and ultimately withered
  • Costs more than conventional flower containers
  • Despite having drain holes, it can potentially mess your indoor space with dirt
Final Thought
In sum, Garraí Vertical Garden Planter with its simple frame, minimalistic but elegant design with a space of 6 containers is a great buy for your home, office or farmhouse patio. This can be made a multipurpose container to store anything.

However, we suggest to plant, and beautify your place with this smart vertical planter as it can be safely used anywhere with its drain holes. It will not have the water spilled around as it comes with the drain holes.

When you water the top pots, it will automatically seep down, moisturizing all the bottom pots. Hope the article proved itself to be a good read and helped you get a detailed review about Garraí Vertical Garden Planter. Your comments about how useful the read was and what could be added to it are awaited in the comment box below.

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