10 Distinct Vertical Garden Systems of 2020 (Indoor, Outdoor & Hanging)

If you’re into gardening or plants overall, you might have heard about a vertical gardening system. So what’s all the fuss about? What is a vertical garden? A vertical garden is a special technique used to maximize space by growing your plants vertically, usually on panels that are supported by hydroponics.

There are different types of vertical garden systems, some can be attached or mounted on a wall, and some systems can stand on its own. This system is great for people who want to grow a beautiful garden but doesn’t have the necessary amount of space to grow a traditional one. You can also install one inside your home or your business to give that nature vibe or ambiance.

Best Overall Vertical Garden System

(Modernurbanfarming #1 choice)

  • Perfect space
  • Easy to Setup
  • Food grade plant bins

A vertical garden system is also a great alternative for potted plants in your office, although potted plants are great because you can just place it anywhere, a vertical garden is much more manageable and doesn’t require much attention. You can grow more on a vertical garden system and you can take care of multiple plants at once as it grows in a single large panel. Vertical garden systems are great for giving color and life into an office space.

Not only does a vertical garden system help you save space, give your home, room, or office that nature ambiance that it needs, it can also help promote natural airflow. This is great especially in office settings where you are likely exposed to harmful chemicals and substances, a vertical garden helps you filter those toxins out and give you a much cleaner air.

If you’re interested in starting a vertical garden or getting one, we’ve reviewed some of the best vertical garden systems in the market so you won’t go through the hassle of filtering all the subpar products and go straight to the quality ones.

There are different types of vertical garden systems, some can be attached or mounted on a wall, and some systems can stand on its own. This system is great for people who want to grow a beautiful garden but doesn’t have the necessary amount of space to grow a traditional one. You can also install one inside your home or your business to give that nature vibe or ambiance.

How we came up with the 10 Best Vertical Garden Systems

Table: 10 Best Vertical Garden Systems

Best Vertical Garden System - 10 Vertical Garden Systems Reviewed

This product has different variants in which you can choose from, ranging from 4 to 6ft and comes with different colors such as green, espresso brown, Fernie, and forest green. It may vary in height and color, but the quality doesn’t change, all variants of this product are built with the same quality.



  • Well designed
  • Easy to put together
  • Attractive and very functional


  • Plastic metal frame

When purchasing this product, it comes with a guide and manual on how to assemble complete with instructions and illustrations, ensuring to cause as little hassle as possible when assembling your vertical garden system.

Grow any plants you like from herbs, flowers, and even vegetables anywhere in your home on a 27-inch container that you can situate at any part of your house be it on your balcony or outside without taking too much space.  If you do decide to grow vegetables, rest easy knowing that all the boxes and plastic bins are all made from food-grade materials, specifically Polypropylene which is safe for your food, and is BPA free, lead-free, and mercury-free.

This package included all parts which wrapped individually. An instruction manual was very easy to understand. The powder coating is beautiful which will weatherize it for years to come.

Watering your precious plants has never been easier with these products top-down the watering system or a cascading drainage system, which means you only need to pour water at the top and it’ll just flow through until the bottom to allow for even watering and get rids of any stagnant water.

If you are someone who has back problems or has trouble bending down that makes it hard for you to do the traditional methods of gardening, worry not as this product is ergonomically designed to be easy on your back.

As said earlier, this product is made out of only the best materials. This product is weather-resistant and is sturdy enough to handle all the weight from the plants, soil, and water on every panel.

That the quality of all the parts was very high and the machining was precise. But plastic containers are not very well made.


This convenient flower bed can hold as much as 22.4 gallons of soil and has a dimension of 32.3 lengths, 14.7 widths, and a height of 30.7. It has the right width and height to give you that garden you’ve always dreamed of having even without a huge space. You can perfectly situate this on your balcony, patio, rooftop, or anywhere outside.



  • Affordable
  • Self-Watering System
  • Durable Resin Construction


  • Wood-Look Finish Doesn’t Measure Up to the Real Thing

No more crouching, kneeling, bending over, or straining your back required as you can do everything while standing up, perfect for those who have chronic or back issues. Other features of this plant bed are the following: It has an equipped bottom shelf perfect for storing any gardening materials. It can withstand harsh weathers, and is UV protected to avoid fading of color even while being constantly under the sun, and is made out of resin to withstand the weight of the soil and water.

This product kept the soil stays moist even in the summer without having to water every day, which is convenient for since the balcony isn’t plumbed for a garden hose.

This plant bed also comes with a detachable seed sprouting tray, here is where you plant seeds and seedlings and nourish them until they are big enough to be transferred into the plant bed. A water gauge which indicates if the water level is too high or too low in the reservoir, whenever the gauge goes red, it means that the reservoir needs some draining, and if it’s green, it means that you need to water your plants.

The reservoir and the water gauge works hand in hand together to keep the soil in the plant bed at optimal conditions such as moisture while also avoiding the trouble of root decay and the occasional overwatering of your plants.

Whenever you’re done with the maintenance of your plants, you can easily drain excess water on your plant bed with the manual drainage tap, allowing you to put your plant bed indoors without having to worry about any potential leakage.

This product sometimes Got waterlogged and could not drain it enough for dirt to dry out. That time the plants are not grown.

This user-friendly product comes with a thorough guide on how to assemble it properly and quickly, it comes with thorough instructions and easy directions for easy assembling, once done, you can perfectly situate this product in and out of your home very easily.



  • Portable
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Elevates Planters


  • Planter Bins Only Come in Green

This product offers about 10 lineal ft. of gardening space in a 6 sq. ft. the area in and out of your home, it’s equipped with four plastic bins, all made out of food-grade materials which are BPA, lead, and mercury-free, allowing you to plant fruit and vegetables on it.

You need not worry about stagnant water as this product is designed to water every bin thoroughly and evenly with its top-down drainage system, all you need to do is simply water the topmost bin and the waterfalls right through the reservoir onto the next bin, and then next and so forth.

This vertical garden planter system helps you to easily take care of your plants. It is equipped with a cascading watering drainage system and completed with a water reservoir.

The manufacturer of this product stands by the quality of this product. It’s built sturdily and durable to handle the weight of the soil plus the water. All bins of this product are built to be weather resistant, which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions such as intense heat, cold, and rain.

If you’re someone who enjoys gardening and loves to garden but can’t anymore due to pain and issues, that’ll all change with this product. It’s ergonomically designed to be easy on your back and hips allowing you to still do what you love without sacrificing your comfort.

This gardening system makes very well but lack of drainage in the bottom container it is difficult to grow the plants.

This wood product is made out of cedar, and not only does it give your place a splash of nature, but it also smells that way as well. When buying this product, you can either get it pre-assembled or assemble it yourself, there’s not much difference other than the effort and time saved, another preference that might be available to you when purchasing this product is to choose whether it’s furnished or unfurnished. This gives you the creative freedom to match it to wherever you want to put it.



  • Watering work easier
  • Watering work easier
  • 100 % western red cedar wood


  • Cannot hang it

This vertical garden planter will give you that much needed growing space of up to 17-inch, it also has a soil capacity of 4.5 cubic feet, and would only take such little space, making this a must-have for every plant and gardening enthusiast out there.

This Gronomics planter works well in a Great way to have lots of plants to grow in a limited space. It is useful to make the garden easily.

The Gronomics Vertical Garden Planter comes with a pump, reservoir, and an irrigation system that comes with a timer so you won’t have to worry about watering the plants, all you need to do is set a timer, fill the reservoir and let the pumps do the rest. This way, your plants will never dry out and will be kept hydrated even if you’re out of town.

Since you’re dealing with wood, weekly or monthly maintenance on the vertical garden itself would be necessary to cover up leaks and cracks that might occur when it’s always exposed to water.

The planter is large and extremely heavy, It is not easy to make whatever improvements and fitting it’s difficult to arrange.

This product is one of the more advanced and unique product in the market right now. You need not to constantly worry about your plants being watered or not as this product is equipped with an automatic system that waters your plants for days, even weeks.



  • Good quality
  • Built in watering system
  • Easy to use and attractive


  • Just plastic pots

How it works is that you attach it to a tap, and when the time comes for watering, water from the tap then drips on the topmost layer of the vertical garden, and it slowly moves down to the next layer and so on, this ensures that every single one of your plant gets watered and leaves no stagnant water.

Grow different variants of plants you like without wasting any limited space that you have with this product, with three pockets in each planter you surely have more than enough space to let your plants fully grow without it taking too much space.

It has an automatic dripping system. Self-watering planters provide enough water for days and it useful for indoor and outdoor.

With the purchase of this product, it comes with twelve pots, it’s up to you to be creative on how many layers your vertical garden to be and what it’s layout is. You can separate them in different areas to create that lush nature vibe or just put them all together in a spot, you even have the option to add more layers by purchasing more pots.

This vertical garden is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, made from high quality and durable materials such as propene polymer it can withstand harsh climates without damaging the product, the only worry being is if your plants survive the harsh climates. Every pot weighs at approximately 1.6 lbs. making it lightweight and requires less effort to mount it on walls. The pots are very easily secured with screws so you won’t have to worry about it falling. It may be lightweight, but with it being made from sturdy material, it can handle the weight of the soil and water.

Upon purchasing this product, you are given a three-year warranty, that’s if in case there are problems when shipping or any issues that you’ve come across.

The size of this is too large for indoors. Drip Irrigation not included. So it was difficult to water the garden.

Do you wish to have that view in the movies where beautiful plants are hanging at the side of your window? Or save money by growing your vegetables instead of buying when preparing your meal, or would you rather just give your room that lush green vibe that you crave so much. If yes, then this product would be one of your greatest purchases.



  • Easy to mount
  • Weather resistant
  • Made out of durable materials


  • Not enough room for bigger plants

The manufacturer has designed this product to be very narrow, add the hanging feature to that and you have a vertical garden that can fit to almost anywhere in your apartment, be it indoors or outdoors.

If you decide to put this product outdoors, worry not as this product has been treated to be weather resistant which means it can handle most climates and season without it being damaged, if you feel like the design or color of the wood doesn’t fit with what theme you’re going for, you can easily repaint it if you wish so.

This was easy to put together and install. They are good quality for the cost of the product. It has a wooden fence around a very small big city backyard. 

Installation of this product won’t take you hours, rather just minutes, all you need is to mount two screws on your wall, window, or any place you want to put this product and simply hang it. That way, it saves you time in setting it up and can focus on admiring it.

The planters in which where you grow your plants are all BPA free and are safe to grow vegetables, it’s also equipped with UV inhibitors to avoid it being damaged by the sun’s rays. It’s also detachable from the vertical planter to allow for easy gardening, maintenance, and overall convenience.

Whenever you have issues and concerns with the product, you are free to contact the manufacturers and get a replacement because, upon purchase, you are covered with a two-year warranty.

This vertical living wall planter Size too small. So it is not enough room for plants to get to grow.

One solution is having limited space in your home is to go stackable, and that’s what this product does. It efficiently saves you space but still allows you to let your plants fully grow in each pot, from herbs, flowers, succulents, and even vegetables can grow in these pots.



  • Fast time to harvest
  • The plastic is heavier
  • Not much soil needed


  • Expensive

Watering isn’t a problem either as this product is stackable and already acts as a waterfall, you just need to water the topmost pot and the water will just flow through to the other pots, leaving no stagnant water while evenly watering your other pots, and also one way to avoid the rotting of your plant’s roots due to overwatering.

No support is required to this stacky 5 tiered vertical gardening planter is a freestanding unit. It may be useful to secure the plant to the ground.

If you prefer your pots to be slightly elevated from the ground, you can insert a pipe in the center hole with a 1-inch diameter to raise your pots slightly off the ground, or depending on how much elevation you want.

All components of this product are all made from food-grade materials, making it safe for you to grow some fruit-bearing plants or even vegetables. It’s also coated with UV protecting substances that keep your pots and the materials against the sun, to avoid fading of color, and sometimes melting of materials.

The only drawback to this product is maintenance and when you relocate them as you have to do it one by one, but other than that, this product has passed all the standards and the quality is very good.

This planter has lower tiers may not get sufficient sunlight. It is depending on where it is placed. So it is must be placed in the correct place.

Compared to other products in the market, this product is very simple to use and very straight forward. It requires minimal effort from the user, only when it’s time to add water. The system of this product has no complicated parts or process, it’s just filling up a container with water and wait until the system warns you that the water levels are too low and just top it back up, the garden will do the rest in letting your plants grow.



  • Very well made
  • Cool little planter
  • Easy set up and use


  • Make little garden only

This product is equipped with a LED light that is adjustable to your preference, the LED light provides the plants with the much-needed warmth of the sun, it mimics the natural process of how a day goes or the sun. LED lights also require less electricity and don’t shatter if this garden falls over. Once you have the settings that you want, you can now adjust the timer, and it’ll do the rest.

Mindful design hydroponic herb garden help plants grow without any issues. the LED lights bright your home and it naturally protects your plant.

One common enemy of gardeners are the bugs, but with this product, you can grow your plants indoors to avoid those pesky bugs and the harsh weather conditions that may damage the LED lamp. Whenever you purchase this product, you are then provided with the growing medium which is the vermiculite, everything in this product is designed to be efficient in energy and water.

Illuminate your home with this product while growing plants at the same time, you can easily put this on a countertop, table, even your working desk, it’s up to you to be creative with this product.

Mindful design hydroponic herb garden needs electricity so it is difficult to manage in the powercut time.

One of the simplest vertical gardens in the market to set up. You just stack each pot to each other and voila! You now have your vertical garden. From setting up to watering, this product doesn’t take much effort, in watering, you just simply water the top and the excess water will then fall onto other pots, something like a waterfall would do. Every pot has a flow-through design that gets rid of any stagnant waters, and to allow your other pots to get watered evenly and thoroughly.



  • Saves you space
  • Built with durable materials
  • Protected from rotting and disease


  • It is meant for small plants only

This product comes with five stackable planters, every single one of them equipped with four different potholes, allowing you to grow twenty plants within the five stacks, this greatly maximizes and utilizes the space that you have. You can set this up on your patio, balcony, rooftop, backyard, and even indoors.

Large vertical gardening stackable planters is a tremendous space saver. It is stable. If you put it roller so you can rotate it to ensure even sun exposure.

This product is built to be weather resistant, made from food-grade high-quality polypropylene materials, and also is protected from the UV rays to avoid discoloration of the product when in constant exposure of the sun.

Your back and hips tend to be sore after a good while of gardening, but with this product, you can simply insert a support pole at the center of the planters to elevate it a good few inches, giving you better access without the need of hurting your back.

This gardening system has many layers but top layers tend to dry quicker than the bottom ones.

One of the leading innovators and users of the well-known self-watering system through the use of stacking. It evenly waters all the other pots from top to bottom, distributing the water to every pot, and the self-regulating design that this product is using makes sure that there’s no overwatering that occurs and that plants stay healthy and hydrated.



  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Porosity allows excess moisture to evaporate
  • Fits in with most garden décor from formal to informal


  • Heavy to move around

This product uses three-tiered stacking planters that come with instructions on how to set it up and a chain for when you decide to hang it. This design is very efficient when it comes to saving space, perfect for those who only have a little bit of space available.

It does have a waterfall effect due to each section having a drain hole. Water does a pool on the bottom plate. it has a chain, so you can hang it.

The stacking design makes it very pleasing to the eyes no matter what angle you look at it, great for putting it indoors or even on an office desk.

Terracotta Color 3-Tier Stacking Planter system may lead to excessive water loss so it is needed for frequent watering.

How To Choose The Best Vertical Garden system

Things to Consider in Choosing a Vertical Garden

Now that you’ve read and know about vertical gardens, the idea entices you to get one, but before getting one, there are a lot of factors that you need to take into account before starting a vertical garden. To have that balance of “give and take” with your vertical garden, you need to be informed about some of the common issues that arise when dealing with a vertical system.

There are different kinds of vertical gardening systems out there which require minimal effort to ones where it requires constant watch, and it may affect the way your plants grow as well.

Below are the many factors that need to be taken into account, the information below is not meant to deter you from getting into vertical systems, but rather to inform you on what you’re getting yourself and your plants in too.

Your plants have little to no space for their roots to stretch – The roots of your plants will always be cramped because of how little space vertical systems offer, which hinders the growth of your plants. When choosing a system, choose the ones who will allow the roots of your plants to have ample space to stretch and grow, that way water won’t evaporate quickly, and your soil will keep its moisture.

Rotting and Shocking of Roots – This is about having a small root zone, having a small root zone exposes the roots of your plants to extreme changes in the environment, not only about the quick drying of the soil but also in regards to the excess heat or cold. Those two things can result in your roots to rot or for it to go into shock, which is not ideal if you’re growing vegetables or flowers because it stresses them out.

Tedious assembly – Some systems in the market is so complicated that it feels like you need an engineering degree to put it together. Some complicated systems have components such as battens, gutters and frame surround which most of the time need someone experienced to install it, not only costing you more time but more money. If you choose carefully, you can encounter some systems in the market that are DIY and would take you less time and effort to assemble, a simple installation of an irrigation system and you’re good to go. But if automation is more your type, then there’s no other way than to go through the tedious process of assembling your system.

Disease – Some diseases in plants often thrive and multiply in water, so if you have a system that reuses water and circulates it to all the other plants, then the disease may stick itself to the roots and multiply there. It can be quite the hassle when flushing all those diseases out, and it may prove costly as it requires a professional to flush them out, or you straight up replace all your plants, both options are very costly.

Plant “diet” – Plants require a specific amount of nourishment from the sun, and if you decide to grow those plants indoors and use a hydroponic system, in which the only nutrients that the plants are getting are from the water only, it may prove to be catastrophic when you don’t get the right temperature and mix of nutrients that the plants need.

Not enough light – Most plants require about 6 hours of sunlight every day to be healthy and thrive. So when you’re shopping around for a vertical system, look for a system that can handle the intense and constant heat of the sun without damaging it, there are tons of systems out in the market that are marketed as “weather resistant” so not only can it withstand the blaring sun, but also different elements.

Irrigation – Vertical gardening systems that are equipped with automatic pumps and irrigation system tend to be quite a handful. Automatic systems need a constant source of water and electricity. So if you want to go the automatic route, you must have a back-up generator ready for when power fails, as plants on vertical systems tend to need more water compared to the traditional horizontal gardening. If you don’t want to rely on those things, you can get a system where it uses a soil-based method of keeping it hydrated through a dripper system, which gives you a longer time window for rescuing your plants when power fails.

The risk of leakage – Unless a system is marketed and designed to have leakages, then having a leakage isn’t a good thing for sure. Constant and thorough inspection is needed to keep your system at tip-top and optimal shape. You don’t want leakage to seep through your walls, because as moisture gets trapped inside your walls, it’ll cause mold and rotting to form.

If you don’t want that to happen, look for vertical systems that are freestanding or has airflows at the back. But if you already have a system that needs to be mounted on a wall, take precautionary steps and put an insulating layer in the middle of your system and on your wall to avoid leakage from seeping in. In regards to hanging your system, it wouldn’t be a problem if under there is open ground, but if it’s on your pavement or patio, you run the risk of staining it with fertilizer or dirty water, which takes a considerable amount of effort to clean.

Plant Restrictions – This factor is one of the most common concerns in a vertical gardening system. When you’re using a vertical system, it usually means that you are starved for space, which also means that you can’t grow big plants. Many systems in the market right now are only suitable to a select amount of species, which can be a factor if your goal is to get that certain look but you’re unable to grow a certain plant.


Oftentimes when vertical gardening (Check the history of vertical farming on Wiki), you are required to think like a plant, on what a plant needs and what it wants. Look for plants that are more attuned and are suitable for the conditions that a vertical gardening system would offer, and also look for a system that will allow you to easily plant and transport plants.

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