10 New LED Grow Lights of 2020 – [Buyer’s Guide & Reviews]

When it comes to indoor gardening, nothing beats a LED grow light. LED grow lights have claimed the top spot and has beat the traditional lighting system that is used for indoor gardening. Why? Because LED lights have a significant amount of advantage over traditional systems that it will almost render them obsolete.

Although there are still faults about LED grow lights, manufacturers have been fast in improving on it and in the not so distant future, there will be no other lighting systems that can beat LED.

Best Overall LED Grow Light

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  • 100000 hours lifetime
  • It is build for cultivators
  • It contain veg/bloom switch

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When using LED grow lights, you can expect to have a quick harvest cycle because of how easy it is to manipulate the lighting to emulate a natural cycle of the sun. you can keep it running for 24/7 as LED lights don’t consume much power, only about 60% compare to traditional lighting systems.

And even while running LED lights for 24/7, it still doesn’t heat up much and won’t die on you that easily as LED lights tend to have longer lifespans compared to traditional lighting systems.

If you have an indoor garden or planning to make one, why not try out LED grow lights? We’ve already compiled some of the best LED grow lights in the market right now and all you need to do is to pick what you prefer.

Table: 10 Best LED Grow Lights

S.No Product Name Rating Pricing
platinum series grow light

Platinum LED Grow Light
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G8LED Grow Light

G8LED Grow Light
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BESTVA Grow Light

BESTVA Grow Light
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MARS HYDRO Reflector

MARS HYDRO Reflector
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King Plus Grow Light Full

King Plus Grow Light
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HLG 550 Grow Light

HLG 550 Grow Light
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BESTVA Reflector Grow Light

BESTVA Reflector
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California Solar System 550 Grow Light

California Solar System 550
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How We Chose Our Best LED Grow Lights
How To Choose The Best LED Grow Lights

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Best LED Grow Light – 10 LED Grow Lights Reviewed

#1. Platinum LED Grow Light

Advanced Platinum Series P300 shows quality enhancement as it delivers highly efficient full spectrum light. Its output is very high compared to other grow lights in the market. It provides an excellent publication for any person interested in protecting and developing the urban farming environment.

[5/5] 5/5

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  • Alteration is possible
  • It improved the plant growth
  • High enery light compared to the cost


  • Direct target to the plant is very Dangerous

The primary advantage of this efficient growing light is that it is made more powerful and more efficient. The 12 band spectrum, which includes both ultraviolet and infrared light, allows you to utilize a broad range of light. This LED is sure to provide the perfect grow light for your herbs, flowers and other plants.

Another highlight of the light is that it is very affordable and comes with a range of comparable devices so everyone can own it. This product is designed to be lightweight and easy to handle so it can be handled by all sides. The Advanced Platinum Series P300 300 w LED Grow Lite features a user-friendly design that makes it easy to turn on and off.

The PAR value is very high. It has a high-quality light and it produces high amounts of lumens per watt. The light is better for plant growth.

The advanced Platinum LED Growing Lights comes with rated diodes that can last for over 100,000 hours. This is because these raw top-pin diodes are exported from quality manufacturers. Each diode is protected by Zener, which protects the product from line hikes.

It is estimated to deliver about 100,000 hours of use. The diodes are fitted with 90-degree lenses, which helps to send all the light emitted to the canopy, thus ensuring minimal light loss and maximum efficiency. Another considerable point of this LED growing light is that it comes with a working warranty for up to 10 years, making it an worthwhile purchase for avid garden lovers.

Its coverage is a small area of plant measure compared to other grow light, it does not mask of out of the area.


#2. G8LED Grow Light

The G8-900 Full Spectrum LED Veg/Flower grow light is the primary successor of the professional indoor breeder. This G8LED has a growing power of 1200-1400 watts of high-pressure sodium or metal halide bulb while utilizing just only 540 watts of power.

It affords a full-spectrum growing light for both plant growth and flowering periods and renders exceptional security for 24 square feet of growing space. This light penetrates the plant canopy 5 feet away, saving you 50% to 60% of your power consumption.

[4.9/5] 4.9/5

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  • Great light
  • Long lifetime
  • It produce high illumination


  • Hot weather executive may be needed

TheG8LED 900 Watt Mega LED Grow Lite features great quality and dynamic diodes. It has an optimal 8-band wavelength rate and ultraviolet and infrared characteristics. It doesn’t require positioning to serve, so you can insert it and start building your plants using its light.

Grow Light panel is fitted with Zener diodes. Its supporters at the top of the panel make the LED lights cooler than the traditional ones so you can easily turn on the light for 18 hours each day.

The G8LED light contains Zener diodes panel to bypass growth and burnouts. It gives more energy to other grow light.

When we discuss coverage, the G8 LED 900 high-powered LED light source enables the same coverage for both phases of growth (24 square feet). The G8LED 900 can penetrate a canopy up to 60 inches deep.

One or two 90 watt red UFOs should be used to further enhance the flowering and increase the growth of flowering plants for maximum yield. The G8-600 vegetable/flower needs supplementary lighting to promote their growth during flowering. Adding flower boosters to your growing room will increase the flowering size and density of plants within days.

The G8LED light contains high energy. The light energy will increase the plant’s heat so adjust the light energy.


#3. MARS HYDRO Grow Light

The Mars Hydro Eco 300W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lite is a quality light that can be a magnificent product for the beginner as well as trained farmers and recommended by most users. This is the selling point of the newly enhanced Mars Hydro 300 watt LED Grow Light design.

[4.8/5] 4.8/5

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  • Good Quality
  • Lifetime is long
  • Various method for veg/flower


  • Expensive

This LED growing light contains 60 small 5-watt Epistar LED lights. These LEDs generate 300 watts of equivalent light. However, these only use 135 watts. Furthermore, it uses a full-spectrum light with multiple wavelength series such as 430 ~ 440nm, 450 ~ 475nm, 620 ~ 630nm, 650 ~ 660nm. It is well-designed to produce the light that is needed especially for flowers and vegetable plants.

The Mars Hydro design provides a strong full spectrum of light so it can be used reliably for plants and hydroponics grown in soil. While considering energy savings, it has a 300 watts of full power and is just as high-yielding among other systems, using only 132 watts.

This light comes with a whole spectrum that offers the purplish shade of light. It aids in the growing and the seeding of plants.

The effective light it transmits is composed of 150W HID or HPS growing light. Its optimal growing area is defined as 24 x 24 inches to provide fertile light. For best growth, it is suggested to utilize an 18 x 18 inches of area.

Each diode of this Hydro 300W growing light is capped by a small lens, which focuses on injecting light into the canopy. With a combination of 90 and 120-degree angles, it provides excellent coverage and penetrates with good intensity.

Mars Hydro 300-watt light provides better light output but less heat compared to other grow lights. So you don’t have to worry about the heat. The fact that this light produces 56 decibels sounds irritating from time to time.

The one major drawback we’ve found in this light is it doesn’t have UV/IR light. The UV/IR light are some of the essential lights that plants need to get their nutrients.


#4. BESTVA Grow Light

The Bestva 2000w LED is designed with a 200 watt LED collection with 10-watt power each. This complete set provides the plants with a full spectrum of light with the intensity needed to penetrate the canopy. It comes with two distinct features: UV and IR spectrum, promoting the sustainability of plant growth. 

Also, all of these color bands ranges from 380nm to 780nm. These wavelengths are enough to give your plants enough nutrients and light for better yield.

[4.7/5] 4.7/5

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  • Well-equity
  • Dual wafer machinery
  • Economical grow light


  • Not used for outdoor

The cooling system of the BESTVA DC series is a major factor supporting its durability. This cooling system works quietly and protects your plants from light and from the effects of overheating.

Therefore, its LED lights are proven to be capable of surviving for long periods. The aluminum sink and odor designs of this developing light are developed after much testing. These overall features bring the construction of the developing light to its fullest extent.

Most of the buyers do not feel the need to know about the focus angle of the LED. But angle of focus is the main thing to pay attention to, as this is a big factor that determines the growth of your plant. With this developing light, you get a 120-degree focus angle, allowing for an even distribution of nutrients and light.

This product has no problems maintaining the temperature. it compares to other products light production which is 50~60f heat. It contains 4 fans and aluminum panel it helps to disappearance the heat.

This twin-chip LED growing light from BESTVA transmits a balanced and intense full-spectrum light over your plant canopy. When you are exposed to intense blue and ultra-red light, you will realize that your yield is high.

The BESTVA 2000w LED Growing Light features 4 powerful fans and glasses to help escape the heat in the holes and aluminum panel. This light operates 50 ~ 60 ℉ less than other lights of comparable power.

This product does not contain Daisy chaining factor that connects to the power cord. It’s not water-resistant.


#5. MARS HYDRO Reflector

The Reflector 960w is the largest and most popular in the Mars Hydro series of LED growing lamps, so this model offers better reflection compared to other models.

It is noteworthy that a total of 144 individual 5W LEDs in this group were fitted with a unique reflector background. These LEDs can also be angled at 90 degrees if you wish, as it helps to direct light into those shadow areas lurking underneath the top layer so you can provide even lighting to your system.

[4.6/5] 4.6/5

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  • High efficiency
  • It covers large areas
  • Separate switches for veg & bloom


  • No inherent battery

The Mars Hydro’s lighting system is specifically operated in two stages, controlled by a switch mounted on the panel.

When growing your weeds, it is important for plants to have a well-balanced light spectrum. Mars’s Hydro Reflector 144 utilizes 10 range bands of effective light which incorporates infrared additions.

This rich spectrum provides a well-balanced light for your weed plants. This group emits light similar to the wavelengths of sunlight. This means that your weed can be grown in a specialized indoor environment.

It has an advanced cooling system to plant growth and reduce the heat. The light does not use more power to plant growth.

This light has a large continuous reflection band, with indices for each diode. These indentations reflect light at 120 ° in one direction and 90 ° in the other. This continuous reflection leads to the release of as much quality light as possible without any loss of power.

Mars Hydro provides everything you need even for small-time breeding projects. Not only does the two-way vegetable display for the flowering switcher, but also the red light-bark in the flowering stage help you reach the full potential of your plants. This single unit system is the best choice for a proper Marshiro 144 small projects.

This product has a full spectrum but UV light is not possible. the light has low coverage areas for vegetables and bloom.


#6. King Plus Grow Light

This LED system is designed using King Plus high-quality materials for your growing systems. This quality and precise design provides the most suitable light for your plants and helps you get the right yield. It is installed with 120 pieces of 10W dual-chip LEDs, leading to intense and dense light which encourages plants to increase the rate of light penetration.

[4.5/5] 4.5/5

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  • Simple to use
  • High durability
  • Fewer heat management


  • Not possible for extensive indoor growing

The efficient cooling system of growing light ensures retention of the optimal temperature for high plant yields. Openings in the LED board and the glass generate a system for effective heat dissipation with fans.

The King Plus Grow Light LEDs are an effective alternative to the conventional sunlight. The spectrum band of this grow light comes with 4 distinct colors such as red, blue, yellow and white light.

These color bands generate a well-balanced light spectrum for crops. The red to blue ratio is enough for the entire life cycle of the plant. It can kill bacteria, reduce plant disease, and use IR to help plant growth.

It has a fewer amount of heat production. It contains a cooling system the absorb and filter the dust particle using the fans.

The plant absorbs 90% of the heat to ensure the heat dissipation of the 4 fans to the sink and cool the aluminum heat. The LED lights are insulated to avoid burning in case of fluctuations. It has 3 small holes in the mirror, which dissipate the heat.

The King Plus 1200w has a mode for power storage that delivers light at full intensity using 320-340W, making it energy efficient. Light provides a reduced proportion of CFCs that do not reduce damage the environment.

This product contains the absence of veg and bloom button.


#7. HLG 550 Grow Light

The HLG550 V2 commercial indoor horticulture LED growing light single node is designed to replace the 1000 watt HID. Each HLG-550 V2 uses a custom-designed 4 full-spectrum high capacity white light quantum boards with LM301B top-back Samsung LED diodes. This growing light emits a dim light suitable for plant growth, which can range from 200 to 480 watts of output.

[4.4/5] 4.4/5

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  • Blur power quantity
  • It covers a large area
  • It’s Good for beginners


  • Very costly

This growing light includes a total of 4 circuit boards, each with 288 (i.e. 1,152) Samsung LM 301B diodes. Samsung is known to produce top-shelf LED quality, so you don’t have to worry about quality, your plant growth with this quantum board light will give you more than you thought.

The boards are mounted on a large aluminum panel with the opposite dimmed fish well driver, which provides great support for this grow light.

The HLG 550 V2 provides enough PPFT to get your flowering plants to the flowering stage. This light is recommended for 3 × 3 feet of protection for open space. The 4 × 4 feet can be conveniently closed inside the growing tent due to the increased reflection of the PPFT.

This product is a custom-make model quantum panel. The panel enlarges to photosynthesis operation lack for the sprout and flowering steps.

This HLG grow light also switched to 64 Osram 660 nm deep red diodes, spreading equally across its 4 round boards. These diodes increase the electrical efficiency and overall light spectrum. Extra red is active and contributes to faster growth.

Since the HLG 550 V2 design does not require cooling fans or heat sinks, these two are not fitted. Most people suggest that the oscillating fan is sufficient to manage the heat when using this quantum board.

The light that has been used for a long time become hot. The quantum panel are exposed.


#8. BESTVA Reflector

If you are cultivating and growing medicinal plants, BESTVA LED growing lights are the right choice for you. The ratio of blue LEDs and red LEDs is set to a ratio of 1: 1, which is the most accurate combination of this spectrum.

[4.3/5] 4.3/5

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  • Simple to build
  • It works long time
  • It Handles low energy


  • This product has high light it illness to your eyes

Like other BESTVA LED growing lights, you can get two different modes for this Bloom and Veggie duration in this developing light. The Veg/Bloom switch of this 1200w meets the vacillating needs of the crops. This growing light release UV and IR light, which upgrades the grade of buds and overall growth.

This LED growing light is equipped with high-temperature heat resistant substance so that you don’t need to think about its safety. It has a solitary power supply to give you complete protection.

Its LEDs are designed to be more energy-efficient than halide or fluorescent lamps. Even though the BESTVA has a 1200W lighting power, they only use only 280W. This LED is capable of blowing up to 100,000 hours, and can easily cover 4.0 x 5.2 feet of planting area. Through all these technical aspects, its performance is further strengthened.

The LEG is constructed to be high energy later halide or luminous light. It absorbs 1200w but used 280w power only it covers a large area.

This grows light releases UV wavelengths that have been shown to develop trichomes and THC. Furthermore, it releases IR wavelengths known to accelerate the flowering system, promote light penetration and enhance flower density. 

These grow lights use 5mm thick integrated aluminum structural radiators instead of the many scattered radiators or pure electric ones installed in many other lights. The PPFT estimates of this grow light are quite magnificent when considering the 240-watt power draw. It is well established that this growing light can provide 645 uMol even at 185 altitudes.

The light has no individual on/off switch. The LED light has high flashing it illness to your eyes.


#9. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector

It is one of the most popular grow light for indoor systems, making this a perfect product for both beginners and experts. It has a myriad of high-end features that users love. That means it allows 3-channel spectrum control and comes with 3 dimmer colors like red, white and blue. As your plants grow, it adjusts the fades depending on its period.

[4.2/5] 4.2/5

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  • Economical
  • Simple to use
  • It contains daisy chaining


  • Not suitable for Large garden

For excessive yields, you need to have a full-spectrum grow light. VariSpectra is one of the few LED grow lights that utilizes the full spectrum of light. With full spectrum lighting, it provides all the lighting you need to grow at all stages of your plant life.

These use 5W LED chips, which provide better coverage area to the user even though they provide less power than 10W chips. You don’t have to worry about these chips burning easily if you use them correctly.

Fans of this LED grow light are designed perfectly and are equipped with the right size and the blades are made in the correct shape to generate good airflow. And the aluminum sink is properly outfitted with exact features, that’s why this product has less of a problem of overheating.

This product has a cooling system overheating isn’t much of an issue. It does not produce high noise.

This VIPARSPECTRA light is manufactured with both IR and white light emitters which are extremely balanced. With these features, this grow light can release a minimum 12 wavelengths of color result.

The coverage of lighting in indoor gardening is the bigger problem when considering to purchase a grow light. The 3X3 is the perfect coverage area of this Viparspectra LED grow light because it provides much space compared to other models.

This product has intense lights so as a precaution, it is instructed not to look precisely into the glare. This product specifically designed for indoor plants and is not water resistant.


#10. California Solar System 550

The California Lightworks Solar System is the latest generation of high-efficiency LEDs and adorned with the most versatile control system on the market. This indoor LED grow light system is suitable for a single light in a tent or several hundred lights in a large operation.

[4.1/5] 4.1/5

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  • Less energy
  • Safe and secure
  • Effective heat controller


  • Costly

Programmable spectrum control is one the most useful feature of this California Lightworks Solar System 550. Spectrum Control adjusts your lights to shine the same amount of light as the sun, no matter what the conditions are. You can manually use the built-in calendar and timer on the control panel.

It operates in the frequency range from 50Hz to 60 Hz and comes in a power consumption range of 0-400W. This power consumption limit is exceptional when compared to conventional UVP growing lights.

This Solar System unit is set-up around the heat sink, and the beautiful thing about this grow light is that the heat sink is huge compared to the size of this unit.

The light has the capability to mimic sunset and sunrise with the cooperation of timer control. It helps to better growth for your plants.

California grow lights come with 5W Osram diodes, and these diodes are assembled on a custom PCB by its pick-and-pick machine.

The light works of this product utilize only metal-core printed circuit boards, specifically designed for diode setup. Keeping high-quality PCBs and quality LEDs with porcelain packaging is very important for heat management. These features eliminate heat from the diode to ensure greater efficiency and longevity.

Optics determines how the light emitted goes beyond the canopy. Light can radiate into a narrow beam or wide beam. Short beams produce higher PAR levels, but have lower coverage, while a broader beam leads to reduced PAR size, but has a wider coverage area. Secondary optics is sometimes used to reduce the beam angle.

This product is costly compared to other products. It needs the independent controller for minimal control and sometimes the controller cannot work properly.


Things to consider while buying an LED Grow Light

If you are interested in growing plants in your home, you will definitely need access to suitable devices. If you don’t have the right hardware, your plants will never get the nutrients, water and light it needs to thrive.

That’s why you should consider investing in the best LED grow lights (See more on Wiki). Obtaining the correct lights for your particular plants can be challenging when you’re just starting. In this guide, you can know some tips on picking the appropriate lights for your plants.


A full spectrum LED grow light is intended to designed to provide your plants with the nutrients and lighting that it needs insuring that your plants will grow healthy. This grow light emits both infrared and UV spectra depending on the growth stage of the plant. It is extremely essential to own a dynamic light with distinct wavelengths to guarantee the nutrition of the plants. The full spectrum yield is somewhat different to the industrial lights, as they run cold that’s why they do not need supplementary fans. It is highly recommended by most users to obtain a full spectrum LED grow light. This is because most LED grow lights exhibit multiple colors, which means that the best full spectrum LEDs offer the full range, including UV light.


Because each light bulb has a specific function, they provide the best possible light to provide the best yields. This assessment may not initially be a big deal, but it is worth noting that it made a big difference after a prolonged use of the grow lights. If the lights are very efficient, you can easily and effortlessly keep them on most of the time. LED lights are cool so you don’t have to worry about overheating with temperature.

Light Control

It is very important that frequent light cycles are followed, as even small distractions can drastically affect the growth and energy of your plants. Depending on the growth stage of the plant, you need to make sure your plants get the right amount of lighting. Because these plants are grown indoors with trendy lead lights all rely on the light from the lead lamp. You should always remember that if the light is too high or low, it can cause great damage to the plant.


Light intensity is extremely necessary when you trying to determine the right LED grow lights. When plants acquire the optimal light intensity, they obtain more energy. This light intensity is related to the wavelengths of light generated by LED diodes. Depending on the position, you may require to supplement diminutive lights to the more extensive ones. It is always best to leave the lights directly above the plants from inception to end. Always make sure that you choose the one that is best for your unique situation.

Diode Chipset

The influence of the chipset is significant for a LED grow light. Single-walled LEDs are weak, and not concentrated enough to go into the plant’s canopy. Likewise, modern 10-watt chipsets are not standard, delivering the generous diode hot and challenging to handle. While, 5-watt chips are conventional, but they can also produce issues if they aren’t attached to the board utilizing the exact ratio.

For these reasons, 3-watt diodes are commonly suggested as the most suitable choice. They consolidate the correct sequence of intensity, durability, and working temperature to make any LED light performs more efficiently. These are can also be utilized as the opportune energy level of all sized chips.

Size and Space

The most important thing you should do before buying a growing light is to consider the appropriate space for your plants. While purchasing LEDs for your indoor plants, you must properly check the size and installation space of the indoor growing plant to avoid distorted growth. If a light is placed too close to the growing plant, it will be damaged and burned. The space and size of the LED growing light must be proportional. Every grow light is manufactured to include maximum space, and it is important to understand the dimensions of your growing space up to centimeters.


It is also useful to examine the total weight of the LED grow light. Recognize that you are probably going to hang your LED lights from the roof.

Final Words

An LED grow light contributes comfortably to the high and quality yields of plants and flowers. This helps growers/gardeners to deal with the challenge of growing plants indoors.

Seasonal farmers utilize this technology to take plantation to the next level. However, some factors are important for the use of LED growing light, knowing and using them will give you good results. Cultivators are advised to consider these factors when choosing LED grow light for their indoor plants.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any products in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer  here.

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