10 Amazing Hydroponic Systems for Indoor Gardening

There are a lot of advantages that you can get when you’re growing plants through a hydroponic system, one of it being is that you’re in control of every aspect of the plants’ growth. It all comes down to the environment and the conditions you give your plants to thrive.

Best Overall Hydroponic Systems

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  • Suitable for large plants
  • Radical drip system
  • Security and Aspect

If you give them the right amount of nourishment, your plants will grow at a faster rate and can reach their full growth potential, but in order to do that, a great hydroponic system is required.

But building a hydroponic system from scratch takes a lot of time and dedication, and if you don’t have it in you to build a hydroponic from scratch, there are a lot of ready-made systems that are out in the market right now.

We did all the sifting and sorting and reviewed the best hydroponic systems that the market has and all you need to do is choose.

Table: 10 Best Hydroponic Systems

How We Chose Our Best Hydroponic System
How To Choose The Best Hydroponic System

Best Hydroponic Systems - 10 Hydroponic Systems Reviewed

While there are many of the Aeroponic Hydroponic machines on the market, the General hydroponics targets at medium to large-sized plants. The design looks very attractive and has a lot of thoughtful touches. With this system, you can think about creative ideas for urban farming. It comes with 6 growing stations which are incorporated into a single modular unit.



  • Good reliability
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Excellent for Newbies


  • The pump of it is a bit noisy

Features & Specs

  • Measure just 22.9 x 19.1 x 26.1 inches
  • Suitable for growing medium to large-sized plants
  • Can grow six plants maximum
  • Includes 17L reservoir, Vortex sprayer, CocoTek liners, etc.
  • Easy fill reservoirs with a light barrier


The EcoGrower can be used to grow up to 6 large plants. The vortex sprayer gently lifts and oxygenates the nutrient solution and then distributes it over the cutting bases or root systems. This hexagonally shaped system will obviously help you start down the road to having your garden. It’s possible to fit 6 removable lid inserts for net pots which can grow larger plants.

This product comes with everything, there is no need to buy any individual products. This package is included clay pellets, air pump container reservoirs, etc. you can grow all sizes of plants.

Complex system

It is a complex system which comes with a 17-gallon reservoir, a sprayer, 6 plastic containers, 3-part flora kit, CocoTek liners, and CocoTek Caps. What’s the use of this package? It is made to store maximum oxygen within your nutrient solution so that you may not feel tough to spray it on your plant’s root. The single outlet air pump allows oxygen inside the root, as a result, the plants can grow faster and bigger within a short time.


It’s a great starter kit for beginners and this system is perfect if you want a versatile system that can grow bigger plants if you’re ready.  You may wonder, what makes this system special? It’s because it has the ability to grow big plants while being space-efficient. Actually, this is an ideal choice for people who grow cannabis indoors. It is a compact system that offers everything you need to start growing cannabis.

It is a bucket growing system and it requires water so it is not suitable for those who use oil in gardening.

Using the AeroGarden Harvest, you can easily grow anything indoors, and you need not to adjust the temperature of your home because the LED light takes care of it. As it is a countertop garden you can place anywhere as all the heat and light comes from the LED lights. All you need to do is to check the system from time to time to see if the Add water LCD display is illuminated, then you  can add water. 



  • Compact
  • Plants grow faster
  • Soil free-growing technology


  • Light maybe failure after few months

Features & Specs

  • Automatic lights
  • Fits on a countertop
  • No green thumb is required
  • 20 Watt LED lighting
  • Adjustable lamp arm

Six Pod Slots

There are six pod slots so you can grow different herbs such as basil, cilantro, Thai basil, dill, parsley, and mint. by growing these herbs, you can always have a fresh salad and pasta dishes at an arm’s reach. Actually, it’s a good use of slots for growing a salad garden. Fix three different types of lettuce alongside three different cherry or tomato varieties, and you have yourself the main ingredients of a salad. Prepare greeny food and make a healthy family.

We can set indoor at anywhere at any time of year the plant is planted into this pod kit will not be affected by the climate.

LED lighting

For hydroponic gardening, no sunlight is required. LED’s provide the much needed light and heat for your plants to grow big, strong, and fast. The 20-watt lighting system has red, white, and blue clusters of bulbs.

Let’s see the purpose of these bulbs. The red lights ensure more blooms and more fruit, the white bulbs mimic sunlight and the blue light helps the plants to grow bigger. LED lights are very efficient when it comes to power consumption, so you don’t have to worry about them running all day.


The indoor garden appliance is 17 inches high, and is less than a foot wide. Depth of the product is more than 7 inches, so it could easily fit on your countertop or a tabletop anywhere in your home.

With this feature, you can easily grow herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, and flowers in any room. After planting the seeds, check in a week to see the progress to see how they’re doing.

The light in the machine is not working properly sometimes it is flicker continuously. Frequently you have to change the light into the machine.

The Active Aqua Hydroponic system is a complete 12 plant system that comes with six 2 gallon buckets which help to grow larger plants. This is actually a very flexible and efficient ebb which uses a small reservoir and controller unit to run the system. Individual pots allow easily moving or relocating the plants.



  • Easy to move
  • Using large footprint
  • Uses full spectrum LEDs


  • Unbalancing the temperature

Features & Specs

  • 12 pot ebb & flow hydroponics system
  • Expandable to 48 pots
  • Flexible Ebb & flow system
  • Easy & quick setup
  • Comes with a programmable ebb & flow controller

12/48 pots

The unit includes a standard 12 pots which can be expanded to 48 pots; the controller unit is highly capable of running up to 48 pots. It’s possible to set the fill and drain cycles in the programmable controller and let it handle the rest.

The main benefit of this autonomous unit is it has fail-safe systems, with overflow protection and LED indicators, and an emergency shut off valve.

There are large footprints in this machine so the plants can grow easily and freely, allowing them to stretch their roots, this facility is saving you from the trouble of cutting branches and leaves daily.

Unique design

It’s an easy to use system that highly utilizes two pumps and gravity to flood and drain the plants for some time every day. The flood and drain cycles increase the plant’s oxygen levels and the reservoir does not have to be kept under the plants.  You need not worry about leakages because the fittings and hoses are of high quality so there’s nothing to fear about a water mess in your home. Also, there is an emergency shut-off valve that automatically shuts the system down.


It’s a smaller unit at 55 gallons; this product allows you to use the system with less amount of water so it will help to save resources.

The entire package is comprehensive which includes everything you need to be started including modules, fittings, controller, tubing, and reservoir. With this method, your plants will grow faster and have an increased amount of nutritional value of the foods you grow in it and make them taste and smell better.

It is a little difficult to clean the machine. It is a little heavy at the time of adding water.

HTG Supply Hydroponic system has a smaller profile with 6 individual grow sites which are placed inside the opaque plastic buckets. The buckets are smaller, at 3.5-gallon capacity and have a lower profile.

The Bubble brothers hydroponic system is ideal for indoor growers, because of two main factors which are low-maintenance and inexpensive.



  • Durable
  • Affordable price
  • Simple to set up


  • Noisy pump

Features & Specs

  • Measure 30 x 15 x 15 inches
  • Weigh 31 pounds
  • 3.5-gallon capacity
  • Simple DWC system
  • Each bucket contains a 2″ air stone for oxygenation

Electrical Air pump

The best thing about this indoor hydroponic system is good aeration as it uses a large 951 gallons per hour commercial pump and a 2-inch high-quality air stones just to pump air to your plants. This aeration provides the plants with proper oxygenation and diffusion which is needed for the rapid growth of plants.

The pump is quite loud but powerful enough to provide adequate nutrients for the system. This unit produces 41 watts / 42 amps.

This kit is excellent for beginners it includes everything into the kit so the beginners can get started easily from this kit.


The growing buckets allows you to save more space, with a capacity of 3.5 gallons, the 6-inch buckets have got a net pot lid. It’s possible to grow up to 2 or 3 different plants in a pot. It weighs 30 pounds, so this big weight allows you to save space with its ergonomic bucket design. There are ten liters of high quality and good-looking types of clay pebbled grow medium.


This HTG supply hydroponics system retails for about $100 which is much cheaper than other systems on the market.  Are you looking for an affordable way to grow soil-less plants? Then this is a great option. Even though the price is lower you can still get a quality system that grows healthy plants.

The 6 site DWC system allows growing tons of plants using one system which is one of the main features to consider.

Drain tubes are not provided so the water in the system would not come out from the system, this makes it so you have to check the water system and change it weekly or twice in a week.

This super hydroponic system comes from the reputable PowerGrow company, it consists of 5 –gallon FDA approved bucket that comes with a 6-inch basket lid, air tubing, air stone, a 44 GPH air pump, and Rockwool seeds. Air pumps circulate the air for faster plant growth; the system comes with 4 different kits for growing all the crops. You can grow all types of plants with this hydroponic system.



  • Perfect solution
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Has no drain tube

Features & Specs

  • Have industrial-grade air pump and airlines (8 lines)
  • Air stones for improved oxygenation
  • Measure just 30 x 24 x 12 inches
  • Weigh 36 pounds
  • DWC system with eight growing sites


It comes with a simple design which helps to expand the system by adding more buckets. The system is complete but it requires grow lights to start nurturing your plants. There are 8 individual buckets; each one is capable of growing one plant to full maturity.

The buckets are connected to a central air pump using separate airlines. The buckets are armed with water level indicators and drains, which definitely makes draining reservoirs and cleaning easier.

​It has a water level indicator and drains which makes the water changes process will be very easy without any experience. It comes with a quality and fully packed air pump.

Water indicator

There is a water level indicator which helps you to know when the water is to be drained. It’s easy to put together and operate, and it grows the plants quickly. The high oxygenation is crucial to both nutrient and keeps roots healthy and rot-free.

High-quality Aquabuckets

This system includes high-quality planters and reservoirs so it may last longer and you can avoid the need to replace them sooner. It can work in different grow spaces, which allows adjusting the plant spacing time.

It includes 400/600/1000-watt grows spaces. This is a key feature since it provides more flexibility when using hydroponics. There’s a good blend of nutrient circulation in the water and a good stabilization of pH in the whole system.

The pump makes a high sound. Not comes with the drain tube, so the water removing process will be tough.

The Click and Grow is the best choice for those who are looking for a simpler herb garden. You just have to fill the water chamber, plug the unit, and then place the plant cartridges into the required slots. It’s one of the most stylish, beautiful indoor herb garden kits when compared to the other. As this is good for indoor, you can grow your favorite culinary herbs all year long.



  • Adjustable
  • Weightless
  • Contains plant marker tabs


  • Costly

Features & Specs

  • Energy-efficient LED grow lights
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Hassle-free Installation
  • Measures 9” x 4.9” x 12.9”
  • Easy-fill reservoirs with a light barrier


This indoor kit allows only three plants to be grown at the same time, so Click and grow is a great option if you’re just starting out or don’t want to grow a lot at once. The smart soil ensures that your soil gets an adequate amount of water, oxygen, nutrients; these are provided by the special LED grow lights. There are no pesticides, plant hormones, or any other harmful substances in the soil.

It decreases the usage of water and improves the stable and healthy growth of the plants. It is very portable and easy to maintain. The lights are adjustable based on the plants.

LED lights

Click and Grow Smart kit comes with its own energy-efficient LED grow lights as well as sensors, and patented smart soil which is comprised of all nutrients, minerals, and oxygen that your plant needs to fully grow. We like the fact that there’s absolutely no effort required of you for growing the little herb garden.

An energy-efficient LED lights go on and off by itself and give the plants all the light and heat they need.


Whenever you want to grow something new, then it’s recommended to buy the cartridges. My advice for you is to buy the seedless cartridge as it contains smart soli to ensure growth. To grow cannabis, pick the dwarf seeds due to the height limitation that this unit provides also it’s very compact. Plants grow much faster so no need to worry about that.

If you not trim, the plant hit light or it burns. The water is required for 3-4 weeks. Without power, the lights won’t be move. The plants may grow larger.

An AeroGarden is also a hydroponic indoor garden that can be set up anywhere. Are you looking for the biggest and the best system? Then the AeroGarden Farm is perfect for you as it comes with two standard 24” and 12” heights. With this system, you can grow a huge amount of vegetables indoors. This system uses advanced technology to grow your plants 5 x faster than they would usually grow.



  • Attractive
  • Internet connectivity
  • Increases the growing of food


  • Some seeds not grow

Features & Specs

  • Automatic 60W LED Lighting system
  • Fits 24 seed pods
  • LCD touch screen for easy use
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Grow up to 24″ height on the farm plus


The AeroGarden Farm has two independently adjustable light bars so it’s possible to grow plants of different heights at the same time. You can grow 24 plants at once, so plant different varieties of herbs, vegetables and more.

There are 3 different size options for 12, 24, and 36-inch maximum grow heights. You can stack multiple units to create a vertical garden. This product comes with a salad bar seed pod kit which includes heirloom greens, herbs, as well as cherry tomatoes. Every pod is non-GMO and organically sourced heirloom varieties.

It improves the knowledge of food provenance. The internet connectivity is used to access the garden everywhere. It increases the yield in a high range.


This indoor hydroponic garden is also well equipped with WiFi, so you can easily control through your smartphone with the free AeroGarden app.  What’s the use of this app? The app provides reminders for watering and feeding, also you can turn the 60-watt LED lights on and off remotely.


The AeroGarden Hydroponic grown plants can grow up to five times faster than plants in a traditional soil garden. As there are large dual two-gallons grow bowls, you won’t have to water as frequently and your plants will be hydrated and lush. Your plants will be free from pesticide and herbicide also the liquid plant food doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

It requires a large area. It is mostly suitable only for large area garden. Highly expensive. It requires high maintenance and additional seed pods.

This smallest 2 x 2 feet model is very compact and Viagrow is the best option for those who are looking for an affordable hydroponics system. It’s easy to install and maintain, they are mainly designed to provide a growing medium which provides an optimum flow of air. This is very high quality and a reputable complete hydroponic grow kit so just make use of it.



  • Easy to create
  • It contains timer
  • It gives required oxygen and water


  • Difficult to adjust

Features & Specs

  • Can hold between 9 and 25 plants
  • Includes programmable timer, pump, reservoir, tray, growing medium and pots
  • A bit heavy with 41 pounds
  • Reservoir has between 10-20 gallons capacity
  • Available in four different sizes

Rapid Growth

After a lot of research, we’ve concluded that your plants will receive a good amount of water, nutrients, and oxygen, due to the automated and optimized method of ebb and flow. It is honestly one of the easiest complete hydroponic grow kits to use. This product is specially constructed to provide rapid growth rates, high nutritional values, and an enhanced aroma plus fragrance.

It can grow up to 6 plants in a particular place. It works for a long time. It contains all the equipment that helps to grow the plants.


The 20-gallon reservoir has come out with all that you need to set up your plants; it’s possible to grow up to 16 plants within that small area.

The automated method of ebb and flow brings an adequate amount of water, nutrients, and oxygen to your plants. Each ViaGrow system is packed with a tray with 5.25” pots inside, the reservoir is kept under the tray. The system has a built-in programmable timer to control the entire flow cycles.     


This is an alternate method to your hydroponics system as it doesn’t use soil and suspends plants in the air. How does the system work? It works by spraying the root zone. You can skip the long tubes of ViaGrow because plants may receive the nutrients directly from the reservoir. You can also reuse your nutrient solution as it produces effective results.

The pump may don’t work well. Hard to move the tray. It is a connected process so if anyone stops the process then whole system is affected. In this process, the roots may be wilting or rotting.

The TopoLite Grow Tent has a green window system which keeps the inner space of the tent to be suitable for the growth of your plant. It consists of a ventilation kit and a grow light for optimizing its internal environment. The plug and play indoor garden system is really ideal for your growing needs.



  • Low price
  • Easy to set
  • Great for initiator


  • It takes more time

Features & Specs

  • Made for 600d nylon and can hold 2 to 4 plants
  • 300W-800W LED full spectrum light included.
  • 5 inches high-quality carbon filters for smell proofing.
  • Comes with multiple vents and meshes.
  • 2x2x4 sized grow tent


This TopoLite indoor grow tent has a 96% diamond reflective Mylar layer so you can use it easily. The 600D light cross fabric is one of the main reasons for its lightproof nature and 16MM roads gives a robust frame along with the zippers that make the entire handling easy and fast. 

The exterior zippers design doesn’t make any harm to the plants inside. The rectangular vents give proper ventilation to plants for growth.

This light consumes less energy and it works 18 hours per day. It does not produce any heat. It is one of the good carbon filters.It has a hydroponic growing system. It is one of the complete packages.


The kit comes with 1000W 120/240V Convertible Ballast which supports MH/HPS bulbs. One of the added benefits is the super lumen option which allows switching between sodium and halide power. The 1/8” rope hangers will support reflectors, carbon filters, light fixtures, and ventilation equipment.

There is a dual timer which provides 15 minutes on/off timing or 24-hour timing also it comes with a removable waterproof tray, and growing tent cover.

Durable Design

TopoLite has a durable design; its full spectrum comes with lightproof walls (600D Oxford), which are highly durable. There are four ventilation kits which support the growth of all plants including flowering, germination, and vegetative growth. The frame’s robust design supports a huge amount of weight and it has a long lifespan for growing indoor or greenhouse plants.

It is not suited for professional growers. It can grow only two to three plants at a time. It is not involved in the advanced features.

Are you looking for the cheap and an efficient hydroponic system? Then the AeroGarden Sprout LED kit will be the right choice. This is compact and lightweight than the majority of the standard aero gardens. It has an adjustable light stand that can easily stretch up to 24 inches. It has a sturdy hydroponic system and sprout LED system.



  • Easy to use
  • Quick growth
  • Simple operation


  • Lights are bright

Features & Specs

  • Measures 19.2 by 14.8 by 34 inches
  • Weighs 12.85 pounds
  • Can extend up to 24″
  • Interactive LCD screen
  • 30-watt LED system

This machine is very compact it does not occupy much space it is smaller than the most indoor garden appliances. It is mostly suitable for herbs.

LCD Control Panel

The 30-watt LED system emits the best spectrum, the LCD control panel acts as a record and allots time for your plant. It gives a signal when you need to add water or nutrients by turning the lights on and off.

The LED lights are simple to adjust from 10 ½ inches to 15 ½ inches with the bulbs. When we move on to the control panel, first I would say that it’s very easy to use and produces the perfect condition which your plant needs.


Every AeroGarden Ultra LED comes with a 7 pod Gourmet herb seed kit. Also, the kit contains mint, Genovese basil, thyme, dill chives, dill, Thai basil, as well as 3 ounces of patented nutrients. This unit is constructed with everything you need to start growing including the nutrients and seed pots.

The light will automatically turn on for 16 hours a day, which is very easy to operate.  LED lights are used here as they are much preferred for plant growth.

In this machine, some seeds are failed to grow and it is not suitable for vegetables it is only suitable for herbs.


Final Words

There are multiple hydroponic systems in the market, but which is the best one? It depends on what you’re looking for. It has many options to consider including the system’s type, quality, and size. Check out the above guide and pick the model that fulfills your needs.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any products in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer  here.

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