Effective Indoor Grow Tents of 2020 {Rated & Reviews}

People nowadays have a tendency to pick small rental homes such as apartments and condos rather than owning a house with a good backyard. Owning a big portion of land especially in urban areas can cost you a huge sum of money that even if you can afford to pay for the mortgage, you would still choose to be wiser and settle for a cheaper option.

This is quite an issue for plant-lover. Plants require sunlight, water, good soil, and carbon dioxide for it to survive and undergo photosynthesis. Since most of us live in homes with limited space, the growing of plants is quite impossible.

Best Overall Grow Tent

(Modernurbanfarming #1 Choice)

  • Long-lived fabric
  • Water-resistant
  • Excellent temperature

Techniques and strategies for growing plants have changed over the years. Planting tools are reinvented to cope up with the needs of the horticulturist and plant-lovers alike. One of the techniques for indoor plant growing and great idea for urban farming is a hydroponic technique.

Hydroponic is a perfect way to cultivate plants especially in places where healthy soil is not available. But this technique alone is not enough without good sunlight, which is another issue for indoor plant growers who do not own a greenhouse.

Greenhouse, on the other hand, has access to good sunlight despite being indoors. A plant-growing tool to solve the problem was invented in the form of a grow tent.

What is a grow tent?

A grow tent is a receptacle beneficial for plant growth. Usually covered with cloth or canvas with interior reflectors to maximize the light absorption of plants. It is a modern solution to growing plants especially in places that have little to no access to sunlight and soil. Grow tents are best used for hydroponics – a plant-growing technique that uses water and mineral solutions as an alternative to soil.

Is it safe to use a grow tent?

Definitely. Grow tents are made to sustain the heat from its built-in grow lights and are usually made of sturdy materials. You never have to worry about any melts from its parts keeping you worry-free of possible fire that could burn your home. The industry of modern plant-growing equipment is growing fast since most people these days live in homes with little space. Major companies who play a big role in plant equipment production hired experts to produce the best quality grow tents suitable to their customers’ needs and budget. Here is the YouTube Video that guides you how to use the grow tent safely with appropriate heating levels.

Here is a list of our 10 best grow tents available online!

Table: Top 10 Best Grow Tents

How We Chose Our Best Grow Tent
How To Choose The Best Grow Tent

Best Grow Tent - 10 Grow Tents Reviewed

#1. TopoLite Grow Tent

A brand that produces top-of-the-line grow tents. They offer grow tents of different sizes, so you have several options to choose from depending on the size of your home.

The largest available grow tent suitable for medium to large plants is the TopoLite 96″x96″x80″. The outer cloth cover of the TopoLite is made of Oxford cloth, a popular cloth made of cotton, polyester, and rayon.



  • Easy to setup
  • Secure snd reliable
  • Highly contemplative


  • Light may escape from the tent

Oxford cloth is resistant to wrinkles, so your grow tent would still look firm even after months use. The reflectors within the tent is made of mylar – a polyester film known for its stability, strength, and its ability to reflect light which is reliable for plant growth. Some customers have concerns regarding its weight, suggesting a lighter version of it.

Product Specifications:

Outside cover: Oxford Cloth
Interior lining: Mylar – 96% reflective capability
Frame: Metal rods (paint coated – for protection against rust)
Added feature: Large heavy-duty Zippers  & dual clinch duct ports
Available sizes: 96”x96”80x”/32”x32”x63”/48”x48”x80”/48”x24”x72”

This product has 600D oxford material. It is perfectly reliable and light proof and it does nor allows synthetic smell and light leakage.

The size of the TopoLite 96″x96″x80 eats a lot of space. It is not ideal for people who live in small homes, for it could only limit your movement. Fortunately, this brand offers grow tents in different sizes.

The best option could be the Topolite 24″x24″x48″ and costs less than $150which comes with AcuRite thermometer and hygrometer to measure the humidity and temperature within the tent. But wait, there’s more, a 600w grow light by Philzon is also included in the package, definitely, a real deal grow tent!

This light is an escape from the tent and it affects plant growth. Some peoples arrange the tent is very difficult.

#2. CoolGrows Grow Tent

If you aim for maximum light absorption, stick to CoolGrows Hydroponic Grow Tent. This tent promises absolute efficiency when it comes to lighting your plants for it has a 99% mylar inner lining perfect for any lighting setup! Plant-lovers and horticulturist are always in seek for a strong cover since most of grow tents easily tears especially when too much heat makes the materials crisp.



  • Easy to clean
  • Reliable structure
  • Highest aspect mylar


  • No enough space

The canvas of CoolGrow is so durable that it received a 4.4-star rating on Amazon. CoolGrow offers 4 sizes of tents that you could choose from. Their products have a tall design, which fits mid-grown and full-grown plants.

Product Specifications:

Color: Black
Outer Cover: Oxford cloth
Interior Lining: Mylar – 99% reflective capability
Available sizes: 32″x32x”64″/36″x36″x72″/48″x24″x60″/48″x48″x80″

The product is the manufacture of mylar and it is hard and simple material. It acts as thermic covering maintain the heat indoors the tent.

The features of this product are quite simple yet amazing. The easy-to-assemble windows make you check the growth of your plants without even opening the whole tent. Their company has a great customer service team, so in case you need a fix, concerns, or making inquiries, you would absolutely get the help that you need.

The design of the tent looks like a wardrobe and is made even more attractive for its black-colored canvas. This is the go-to product if you are looking for a tent of great quality and architecture. The tent comes with a humidity gauge and thermometer. Everything is in just $128 dollars.

The tent information is not understood to the people. Information mentor has to be an improvement.

#3. Quictent Grow Tent

Some grow tents do not have a good built-in grow light but the problem is not just the light itself but also the frame on the top portion that supports it. There are instances that metal frames on the upper portion caving in especially with tents of substandard materials.



  • Harmless
  • Water resistance
  • It has different vents


  • Not suitable for large plant

Quictent made a solution to the customer’s dilemma, with a metal frame capable of holding up to 120-pounds of weight. You can now replace the pre-built lighting system with a top-tier quality grow light that you want. The triple-stitching on the seams gives it a stronger hold.

Based on customer review, the customer service of Quictent is fast in resolving problems and part replacements come in quick as well. Quictent is SGS approved, certified to be made of great quality.

Product Specifications:

Interior lining: Mylar – 100% reflective capability
Outer cover: Waterproof Oxford cloth
Weight: 11 lbs
Additional features: tool bag and viewing window
Available sizes: 24″x24″x”36/24″x24″x48″/24″x24″x55″/48″x”48″x48″/32″ x 32″ x63″

The tent has a contemplative mylar internal and its product and secures the plant growth. It has a water resistance floor

You get your money’s worth on this grow tent. The Quictent is definitely a budget-friendly grow tent which cost only less than $90. Customers have given it 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The zippers are top tier, one of its parts that are very much loved as well as the stitches on the lining and seams.

There are a few drawbacks in some parts of the item specifically the metal rods which seem to be sharp that could cause unwanted tears on the canvas. Another great thing about Quictent is the easy set-up of their grow tent that even beginners could easily follow. It also has an added tool bag built on the canvas. You never have to lose your planting/gardening tools again.

This tent is small it not suitable large plants. It is only useful for small plants. The light has escaped from the tent.

#4. Helios Grow Tent

If you are a botanist, a horticulturist, or a plant-lover with a budget and willing to take your indoor planting to the next level, Helios Hydroponic Plant Growing Room is the perfect choice for you. Awesome top-tier quality and design grow tent that just by looking at its add-ons will definitely amaze you.



  • Large space
  • Simple to install
  • Economical price


  • It produce synthetic smell

The walls are made of 100% light-proof mylar. Purchase the $282.80 bundle and get the King Plus 1000W LED grow light and the Acurite thermometer and Hydrometer. Click the link to know more about the specifications and performance of the King Plus 1000W LED light. We’ve made a separate review on our 10 grow lights of 2019.

Product Specifications:

Outer cover: 600D tear-proof nylon
Interior lining: Mylar – 100% reflect capability
Frame: 1.905 cm thickness; Powder-coated paint
Available sizes: 48”x24”x60 / 48”x48”x80” / 96”x48”x80”

This product has an integrated monitoring window system. it grants to monitor the plant growth. The observation aperture is comfortable.

It has a manlier design compared to other products, a perfect grow tent for dads. Helios’ grow tent is spacious and has a very good height allowing you to put-in mid-grown and full-grown plants or even medicinal cannabis. The complete package with LED grow light is the combination that you can have as an indoor plant-grower.

A thing that customers wrong about the product is the HUGE price of almost $300. The $300 price on Amazon comes with the LED grow light and the thermo-hydrometer. The product itself only costs about $160. A bit higher than other brands, but this product will sure to last long.

The drawback on the product is the size. Not all customers have plenty of space at home, same reason as to why they can’t buy this product. It eats a lot of space is not ideal for most customers. Despite its drawback, Helios Hydro received a 3.8 out of 5-star rating on Amazon.

This product material has been burst some times. It produces bad smell it affects the plant growth and human health.

#5. VIVOSUN Grow Tent

When we speak about sturdy grow tents, Vivosun is on the top of the list. Most frame connectors on grow tents are made of plastic and prone to breakage. Vivosun improved the connectors by using metal instead of plastic, making the frame stronger and more stable.



  • Great aspect
  • Durable zippers
  • Reliable frame structure


  • Light may escape from zippers

The connectors have bolt locks keep the cylinder bars in place securing your plants from possible damage due to falling lights or top frames.

Product Specifications:

Interior lining: Mylar – 98% reflect capability
Outer cover: 0.88mm thickness, 600D canvas
Available sizes: 24”x24”x48”/30”x18”x36/32”x32”x62”/48”48”80/36”x36”x72”/ 60”x60”x80”/36”x20”x62

This “VIVOSUN mylar hydroponic grow tent” has good quality, the canvas is thick and the zippers are huge. The zipper is very durable and sturdy-feeling, and the frame is solid. 

Vivosun’s grow tent can be installed in 4 easy steps. Novice grow tent owners can set-up the grow tent with ease even without the use of tools. Its black and green color makes it look beautiful and sleek; it will surely look good on your unused space. The zippers are well-stitched and of great materials, you won’t have to use candles for it to slide easily. 

There are few drawbacks on this tent particularly the viewing window which is a bit blurry, viewing the thermo-hygrometer inside the tent might be a little hard. The zippers are great but there are reviews on lights coming out of it. A little improvement needed on the cover due to small tears upon receiving the product. They should have made the cover stronger like its frame.

This tent quality of actual canvas sucks. There are tiny pinholes you don’t see until the light is set up and on inside. There tiny pinholes everywhere.

#6. iPower Grow Tent

Growing plants is always better when sharing it with someone. You can enjoy the experience with either your kids or your partner in life. Majority of available grow tents are made with single doors and only has enough space for a single person. iPower made a solution to this problem with a simple yet clever design.



  • Comfortable
  • Water proof
  • Easy to build


  • No inspection window

This spacious grow tent has 2 doors, perfect for plant-growing couples. You can even let your kids experience planting first hand at a young age, share with them techniques and knowledge on why plants are important to our health and environment.

Product Specifications:

Dimension: 96 in x 48 in x 80 in
Interior lining: Mylar – 95% reflect capability
Additional features: Viewing window, built-in tool bag

This works great No Light leakage, Made things real easy to control the climate plenty of room for multiple lights. It has plenty of ports of different sizes for venting and running cables. And heavy-duty material.

A grow tent with a very huge space. Arranging your plants and checking of its development are now made easier with its 2-door design. Guarantees a hassle-free installation that you can do it together with your family, you won’t need an extra tool to set it up, just follow the manual, and be guided by a 2-part set-up.

Some customers find it hard to purchase the product due to its enormous size, but iPower also has a smaller version of this tent. If the features and components of this brand amaze you but would go for something smaller, you won’t have to look away. Click this link to visit another iPower product which also made it to the top 10.

There are pinhole light leaks along every seam, in random places, and along with the zippers. The zippers themselves are difficult to zip and unzip

#7. Topo Grow Tent

While most grow tent designs focused on the durability and reflective ability, there are brands like TopoGrow focus more on the versatility of their grow tents. The grow tents from other brands usually caters mid-grown to full-grown plants. But what about the seedling and the smaller plants? Smaller plants and seedlings need rooms with less humidity for them to grow faster and healthier. The humidity within the grow tents have a huge impact on the moisture of the soil.



  • Multiple structure
  • Reliable 300D material
  • Include 3 different sizes


  • No Assurance

Plants are easily stressed out when there’s too much heat making them exert more effort during water absorption and could slow down their growth. This is a problem for growers who nurture their own seedlings. They needed a separate propagator for seedling and smaller plants to quickly grow, that is something that most brands don’t have in their grow tents.

But You don’t have to look anywhere else. The TopoGrow Indoor tent is designed for plants of all sizes, even seedlings. It has 2 rooms for bloom and propagation perfect for seedlings to grow stronger and healthier, so you never have to worry about the moisture of the soil and the humidity of the air. Your seedling will sure to survive and grow stronger and healthier.

Product Specifications:

Outer cover: Oxford Cloth
Interior lining: Mylar – 100% reflect capability   
Available sizes: 36”x24”x53” / 48”x36”x72” / 60”x48”x80 / 10”x84”x80

This tent is nice for a small grow area and all the space is efficiently used. All of you loved the extra propagation room and the shelf. When This is a nice tent, it seems to be sturdy and the zippers are good.

A real versatile grow tent that can do 2 jobs at the same time. You can now grow mid-grown and blooming plants while nurturing your seedling at the same time. You can also control the humidity for both the rooms giving you full control on your plants’ development.

TopoGrow did a very good job in designing an efficient grow tent that botanist and horticulturist will surely love. Now, you can nurture your grown plants while understanding the development of your seedlings on the other, all this in one tent.

Perfect for beginners and students taking up botany class. The drawbacks? A few light leaks from pinholes from the stitches of the cover’s lining. Other than that, the customers really love TopoGrow’s grow tent and wish that it has a larger version of it.

The screen was put together poorly. It seems like it’s a 2 room tent, but it’s truly a one-room tent with a divider and shelves.

#8. Apollo Grow Tent

A brand that can go head-to-head to other top brands of gardening equipment is the Apollo. Usability, design, and even in terms of cost, Apollo is the brand that is sure to be mentioned.



  • Very powerful
  • Heavy material
  • Great reflective


  • Crucial to handle

Of standard quality and great service that will make you want to buy it again on your second unit. For starters, this is a good choice to buy for its low cost.

Product Specifications:

Dimension: 48x48x80
Interior lining: Mylar – 100% reflect capability
Additional features: Double-stitch lining
Warranty: 90 days

They give you plenty of holes to choose from for ventilation and they include the carbon filter straps. The tent itself is made of good strong fabric. No light gets in, no light gets out. 

A brand that customers compare to when checking out other products. Features like double-stitching, tear-proof, heavy-duty zippers? Apollo got you covered. And if that does not convince you of its great quality, the product has received high 4.2-stars on Amazon, great customer service, easy to assemble, a 100% control on the growth and development of your plants.

Name it all, Apollo can do it all. No grow tent is perfect and like all other brands, Apollo has some issues too.  There are small leaks on some parts of the canvas. The good thing about it is that Apollo has a very helpful customer service team willing to help and replace damages on the tent’s components.

The tent is a good tent for 110 bucks, but it’s a pain to put together. The instructions show the top capable of being unzipped to put it together. 

#9. Quictent Reflective Grow Tent

When searching for quality grow tent, Quictent is one of the brands that would definitely show up. 1 of the 2 brands that produced great products that made it to our list. Of great standard – with a certification from SGS and hundreds of positive comments from buyers.



  • Harmless
  • Powerful and reliable structure
  • Light cannot escape from the tent


  • Ambitious to assemble

Hydroponics is a method of modern-day planting and whether you’re a beginner or a well-experienced plant lover, this is the product to go to. It is designed to adapt to any indoor planting techniques and is made of eco-friendly sturdy materials which are certified to be non-toxic. Making it safe for you and your family to use.

Product Specifications:

Warranty: 2 years
Outer cover: Oxford Cloth
Interior Lining: Waterproof mylar – 100% reflect capability
Weight capacity: 120 lbs

This quictent reflective mylar hydroponic grow tent has an observation window and a waterproof floor tray. Bottom vents with velcro and screen help to regulate airflow, six-inch ducting fit perfectly for exhaust, it has eight-inch capability, as well.

You can’t go wrong with this product in terms of strength and stability since all of the components of the frame is made of metal. This brand has proven its professional work in terms of durability, efficiency, and quality by having 2 items on the list. Out of all the brands on the list, only Quictent has been given an SGS certification.

A certification given to brands/products that have been inspected, verified and tested to be of high quality. The only drawback that customers complain about this product is the small space and leaking lights. What’s good about it is that the company would send replacements in case the items do have problems. Making it indeed a good product with good quality service.

The overall quality of the tents is good. The zippers are very difficult and weak. 

#10. iPower GLTENTL1

If you are looking for a brand that has proven its expertise in creating garden supplies and tool for many years, stick with iPower brand. IPower has been manufacturing grow tents and other gardening equipment for over ten years.



  • Economical
  • Water resistance
  • Various appliance include


  • The vent cut locate is too solid

Another impressive product of they have produced is the GLTENTL1 Hydroponic Grow Tent. This tent has received 3.7 out of 5-stars rating in Amazon for its great. A few dollars pricier than the average grow tent but still a product that is sure to impress.

Product Specifications:

Dimension: 96 in x 48 in x 80 in
Interior lining: Mylar – 95% reflect capability
Additional features: Viewing window, built-in tool bag

Setup was super simple and straightforward. A single person could do it, materials are all super high quality with little conveniences like a little net to hold a clipboard.

This grow tent is made of the same materials as its bigger version, the GLTENTXL1. The only difference is the 2-door feature on the cover, which will not be necessary since this model is quite smaller. There are some unfortunate reviews on the product regarding its reflective lining as it could be easily poked with holes.

Light leaks are also seen on the zipper and stitched areas which are a minor problem. We’d recommend this product for vegetables and small-sized fruit-bearing plants. The product still received a 3.7-star rating on Amazon. Of great quality and definitely a lot more preferable than other cheap grow tents.

Small pinhole lightleaks, but that’s not really a big deal, the light bars for the top were curled and not able to hang. Even with the lights on you can see light leaking from the tent.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Grow Tents

Let’s start with the pros of the grow tents.

Cheap price

Grow tents are cheaper compared to building a greenhouse. A typical greenhouse would cost you $25 per square foot, not to mention the other kits needed for building it. Grow tents on the other hand usually costs $90 to $150 but don’t let the price give you the wrong impression. We made a list of the cheap grow tents available on the market right now that suits your budget without compromising its quality.

Easy installation

A grow tent basically has 4 parts; the frame, cover, ventilation, and the lights. Be guided by the manual, you won’t have to use other tools to build it. All of its parts are prebuilt that even beginners could use and install it with ease.

1st step, the frame – the frame is the strength of the tent make sure to keep it strong steady.

2nd step, the cover – it protects the plants within the vent and enhances the light absorption for photosynthesis.

3rd step, the ventilation – reduces the heat within the vent produced by the grow light and controls the carbon dioxide intake in the vent for a well-balanced growth of the plants.

4th step, the grow lights – a sunlight alternative that keeps the plant healthy and colorful.

Always remember to run a safety check before putting your plants in. Though grow lights are made to be safe and strong, it always pays to double-check every component to ensure great performance and stability.


Moving a grow tent is easy due to its lightweight and small size. Compared to greenhouses, the walls of a grow tent are made of fabric and reflectors while greenhouse uses glass and metal edges. You don’t have to break down the grow tent’s parts and move it as a whole with ease. Just make sure to remove the plants in it first to keep it safe from damages and leaks from the mineral-water solution for hydroponic. The greenhouse, on the other hand, has to be broken down to chunks to ensure safety from possible scratches or breakage of the glass window.


One of the many features of the grow tent is the ability to protects its plants from outside harm. Temperatures from outside the tent could be harsh on plants which hinder its growth and could lead to its death. Pests are also major problems in cultivating plants. It would be better to protect the plants using a grow tent against pests rather than spraying insecticides. Insecticides are poisonous that could harm both the plants, its owner, and it can have a huge negative impact on our environment. The climate in some countries could be extremely hot or extremely cold. Grow tents offers a controlled environment for plants that allows it to grow all year long without having to endure the harsh weather and different climate.

Total Control

You have access to the built-in grow light within your tent that allows you to control how much brightness it would emit. You could also control the carbon dioxide levels and air that you want inside the tent and give the right ventilation for your plant. By having these features, you control the moisture of the soil and humidity of the air depending on the plants and vegetables you want to grow. The sun can shine too bright on some days, which forces you to move the plants under a shade. Unfortunately, only plants and vegetables that are placed on a pot can be mobilized, too bad for plants rooted to the ground. If you wanted to set a time for lighting your plants, whether, on a 16-8 or 12-12-hour intervals, you can do it. The light in your tent can have advanced timer features that greenhouses can’t offer.

What to Consider When Buying a Grow Tent?


It is unwise to settle for cheap products for it could end up ruining your mini-plantation. Go for low-cost standard products that are on the list. Some grow tents on the list are certified to be made of standard non-toxic materials. Never settle for less.

Unused space

Consider the space available in your homes before buying one. You can’t just buy a grow tent for its beautiful color or good reviews. A top-tier grow could end up being useless when there isn’t enough space for you to set it up. There are items on the list that has a size that will surely fit your place.


Some of us prefer plants that are mid-grown to full-grown while others wanted to start from seedlings and flowering plants. Versatility is what modern grow tents offer these days and if you are looking for a grow tent that covers all three plant categories mentioned, we got on the list for you!


Grow tents are not made for botanists, horticulturists, and well-experienced growers alone. Even beginners can use it. Whether you’re a male or a female, it doesn’t matter. Young ones can even use it, as long as there are guidance and assistance from an adult. Both educational and recreational use. There products on the list which are designed for sharing, which is good for strengthening the bonds of adults and children.


Grow tent is just another invention that’s been made to provide a solution to our modern-day planting problems. Most of us don’t have access to good soil especially in cities where almost 85% of the land is converted for commercial use. Despite all the problems that may hinder us from cultivating plants, not a single excuse makes it valid. There is no excuse for saving the planet, there is no excuse when investing for your health, and definitely no excuse to not educating your kids about the importance of plants to our world.

Think about it as a solution and not a waste of money for it has so many positive effects. Who would have thought that growing plants can strengthen the bond of the family? Grow tents like the iPower GLTENTXL1 can make it happen for its 2-door feat.

We have to make the right choices, so if you are in search of a gift to your child or your parents, would you choose an $800 smartphone over a $150 dollar grow tent?

Everything is in our hands; our decision today will greatly affect the future of our children. We may end up spending a few dollars for a grow tent, but the lesson and the bond that you could share with your family and friends is priceless.

We have narrowed down the best options for you. Revisit the list and pick the best grow tent that fits your needs.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any products in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer here.

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