Best Professional 1000 Watt LED Grow Light Reviews (Editor’s Choice)

Grow light is a man-made invention used as an alternative for sunlight which is essential for indoor plant growth. The modern version of grow lights uses LED or the Light Emitting Diode. There are many taboos with the grow lights that seem to scare people from purchasing one.

Best Overall 1000 watt LED grow lights

(Modernurbanfarming #1 Choice)

  • Economical Price
  • Full spectrum light
  • No heating problem

But like all inventions, grow lights have its own advantages and disadvantages. We see grow lights as one of the many inventions that would lose most of its disadvantages in the long run. Allow us to share with you the reasons why each household must have its own grow light.

There are many available grow lights in the market right now. In this review, we narrowed it down to the top 10 best LED grow lights for its cost, versatility, energy consumption, features, and design.

Table: 10 Best 1000 Watt LED Grow Lights

How To Chose Our Best 1000 Watt LED Grow Light
How To Choose The Best 1000 Watt LED Grow Lights

In this review, we focus on LED grow lights that are used in greenhouse rooms/plantation warehouses. 

Best 1000 Watt Light - 10 1000 Watt LED Grow Light Reviewed

#1. HIGROW 1000W Grow Light

LED grow light buyers would always search for good feedback and review before making a purchase. The HIGROW LED grow light made it to the top spot on the list because of the good comments it received from its customers.



  • Durable
  • Produce less heat
  • Excellent lenses


  • Less coverge area

Received 85% 5-stars in Amazon, HIGROW has delivered the best light grow product you could ever buy in less than $300. A heavy-duty grow light which is made of top-notch materials. So, if you are looking forward to harvesting your fruits and vegetables in just a few weeks, then there is no need for you to look away.

It has very bright and quality LED lights that make very close to natural sunlight it helps to grow the plants and have a cooling system.

Product Specifications

Type: optical lens
Color spectrum: 12 colors (380-760nm)
Energy consumption: 4kWH
Essentials: Heat sink and exhaust fans
Warranty: 3 years plus a 30-day money-back guarantee

HIGROW LED grow light covers all types of plants from fruit-bearing kinds to vegetables and even flowering plants. The grow light can also be installed in a height for full-grown shrubs due to its very good luminance.

Some reviews from customers say that the lights are so well made that you never have to worry about losing spectrum for it could still reach the soil bed even from a height.

The product can be useful to plants of different colors and it is so versatile that you could use it to all the stages of plant growth with just a flip of the switch. It could be used in greenhouses, grow tents or even a small corner of your home.

The coverage area not enough for all. The lenses are not perfectly fitted to the LEDs it may damage while moving that. The fans in the cooling system make some noise.

#2. GROWSTAR 1000W Light

A product which has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this grow light will never fail to impress when it comes to performance. You never have to worry about opening damaged products when buying products from Growstar.



  • It consumes low power
  • Has effective and bright lights
  • It has an effective cooling system


  • It has no daisy chain feature

The company puts extra care on products which are to be shipped. Customers are impressed with the professionalism of their customer service representatives; you can easily call them when problems with your unit arise.

Growstar LED grow light has 2 switches for bloom and for veggies. A cheaper LED grow light and you can even get a 15% discount with a coupon.

It produces a higher output compared to other products. It has a silent cooling system and several switches for veg and bloom. It contains low power consumption.

Product Specification:

Type: Optical lens
Color spectrum: 12 colors (380-760nm)
Energy consumption: 6kwh
Area coverage: 4 ft x 3 ft
Essentials: Heat sink and 2 fans
Warranty: 2 years plus a 30-day money-back guarantee

If you are looking to buy a silent type of grow lights which has almost specifications like our top brand, Growstar would be the best choice. It is perfect for horticulturists and indoor plant growers with sensitive ears.

With no bad reviews from the customers, Growstar surely made this product with love and care. If you are a horticulturist needing and in need of immediate replacement from on your old grow light, order now and get your item in just a few days!

The brightness of the LED light is much heavier to human eyes. It doesn’t contain waterproof. Some feel its too heavy.

#3. King Plus 1000w Grow Light

If you are planning to grow plants on a budget, King Plus is the best option for you. The 1000w grow light product for only $112 dollars that never comprised its materials, you definitely get your money’s worth. 



  • Worthable price
  • Used for all types of plants
  • It has an advanced cooling system


  • Not suitable for large tents

In terms of the lights, you get the full spectrum of colors and expect to see buds from your plants in a week or two. A very good product when you want to grow small flowering plants. It also comes with 2 infrared bulbs.

A product with a 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon, surely one of the best options you could have.

It contains bright 10 watt LED lights. These LED lights have a good warranty so if any repair happens in this light you have to replace that.

Product specifications:

Dimension: 12.2 in x 8.26 in x 2.36 in
LED type: Epistar LEDs
Weight: 6.39 lbs
Warranty: 3 years

The quality of this product was never compromised despite its cheap price. Best for flowering plants in small numbers and not very suitable for large plantations since it could cover a 3×3 area at best.

Some issues on the lights dying off in a few months. The customer service representatives are very professional and are always willing to help. You never have to worry about product replacements and spare parts since the company ships fast when you get issues on your item.

With all that being said, King plus can still deliver the best results with all its features. Easy to install and use. Place in a secure place and safe from possible raindrops since the product isn’t waterproof.

This LED light doesn’t suitable for large area growing process. You have purchased more products for more plants. You need to check the fans frequently to avoid forming dust in that.

#4. KINGBO 1000W Grow Light

One of the worries of indoor plant grower is the heat emitted by the grow light. Get rid of these worries with the Kingbo 1000w LED grow light. It has an upgraded aluminium heat sink that cools the item very well.



  • Less weight
  • Helps for fast growth
  • It has excellent cooling system


  • It is weak compared to others

Like all the products on the list, the Kingbo grow light promises full spectrum covering all types of plants and vegetables. To enhance the cooling effect of the grow light, a fast and quiet fan is installed with a stainless-steel mesh for noise cancellation.

Product is also rust-resistant as it has been made out of stainless steel and a protective rubber on the surface. Very cheap product for only $109 and 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

It produces more power for growing plants. It consumes electricity. Protects from overheating.

Product Specification:

Dimension: 14.5 in x 8.3 in x 2.6 in
Weight: 8.25 lbs
Energy consumption: 1.82kWh
Warranty: 3 years with a 30-days money-back guarantee

Energy-efficient as it only consumes 182 watts of energy. The product is easy to install. The product comes with four hooks for better balance if you prefer to hang it rather than stalling in on steel bars or ceiling.

Kingbo 1000w LED is resistant to rust but not water, which is a drawback for other customers. Customer service is very good and is willing to make replacements immediately when a problem arises.

One customer accidentally got his item wet ruining his unit. To his surprise, the item was still replaced by the company. What a great service!

Very difficult to adjust the spectrum. It contains low-quality LEDs. The focus of the lights may burn the leaves

#5. SUNRAISE 1000W Grow Light

While other brands use double-chip LED, Sunraise designed a 3-chipped LED light for their 1000W to grow light. Each 3-chipped LED uses 15W of energy which is ideal to produce a powerful light which is supported by a quality power cord, enough to support all 96 Zener diodes. 



  • Long last lifetime
  • Excellent durability
  • Separate switches for veg and bloom


  • Only suitable for indoor

It has 2 switches for flowering plants and for vegetables or you can opt to use both sets of lights. This LED grow light averaged 4.6 stars on Amazon for its brightness, sturdiness, and value of money.

It is used to save electricity by consuming power. It provides a tension-free purchase. It doesn’t require any extra equipment.

Product Specifications:

Dimension: 12.2 in x 8.3 in x 2.4 in
Weight: 6.85 lbs
Lights: 96 Zener diodes LED
Additional feature: Timer control

Costs only $112 but can still perform like other expensive brands. It is energy efficient for it consumes energy for only 1.65 kilowatts per hour. It has 2 fans, which make it perfect for small grow tents.

The product is well- packed on shipments so you don’t have to worry about dents or damages. This product is smaller compared to other brands which eat too much space especially when you work in a smaller tent or room.

A company that acknowledges suggestions employs professional customer service representatives that answer queries right away. So if you are looking for a company that improves their products with their customers, this is surely the brand to pick.

It is not water resistant. It is suitable only for indoor plants growing.

#6. BESTVA 1000W Grow Light

Flowering plants such as tickseeds, yarrow, and shasta daisy requires more sunlight and if you plan to grow these kinds of beautiful flowering plants indoors, then stick to buying the BESTA’s 1000W LED grow light.



  • Affordable
  • Produce less heat
  • Varieties of high quality LEDs


  • Daisy chain feature doesn't include

The company boasts its larger chips compared to other brands. The chips in BESTA LED grow light produce the highest visible light per watt making it more powerful, which suits the need of plants that require more sunlight.

Some studies on the light spectrum show that photosynthesis need only 6-10 bands of wavelength.  While other grow light brands can produce 12 bands of spectrum, this grow light sticks to only 9 bands.

It contains a timer for planning your growing process. It contains a good and silent cooling system. It contains an excellent balance between red and blue light.

Product specification:

Dimension: 12.2 in x 8.3 in x 24 in
Weight: 7 lbs
Warranty: 3 years
Temperature: Up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, the BESTA sure is one of the best. A long-lasting and durable glow light that can last up to 2 years or more as proven by customers in the product reviews.

It is a great quality glow light for a cheap price of only $112. Lightweight and easy to install. The light covers a wider range making you add another pot of plant to nurture, unlike other brands that have 90 degrees lighting angle.

The only drawback of this product is that the emitted lights from LED can be very bright. If you are sensitive to bright lights, we recommend using glasses.

The customer service is much poor. It produces high brightness. Due to the intensive brightness, you need to wear a pair of glasses.

#7. FAMURS 1000W Grow Light

Famurs brought indoor plant growing to the next level with their 1000W LED grow light. A sunlight alternative that would definitely be loved by tech lovers as it comes with remote control.



  • Enormous light
  • Muliti functional
  • Helps for fast growth


  • Low power

Control and monitor the temperature and humidity of your tents and room with a press of a button. You need not babysit your plants anymore with its built-in timer. You can now leave your plants and veggies without overexposing it to the grow light.

The timer is fully customizable, you can choose between 3 preset options. For plants that require more exposure to sunlight, choose the 16-8 preset (on for 16 hours; 8 hours off), 14-10 preset for plants that need a little less exposure to keep its moisture (14 on; 10 off), and if you wanted to keep the balance of lighting and resting your plants, choose 12-12 preset which is quite self-explanatory.

This product contains Daisy Chain Design it connects multiple lights at the same time.It includes power cord more efficient and safety

Product Specification:

Energy consumption: 1.85kWh
Dimension: 12.2 in x 8.26 in x 2.36 in
Weight: 7.7 lbs
Coverage: 3.4 ft x 3.8 ft
Warranty: 3 years

Not just the tech features but also the accessories that come with it are extraordinary. The hanger is pretty strong and made of good quality materials. Reviews have shown drawbacks on the remote control’s inaccurate reading.

It would not be wise to purchase a grow light just because of its remote-control feature. This type of feature isn’t typically in LED grow lights anyway. Bottom line is, the LED grow light itself does a great job and costs only $124.

This product produces low power compared to another product. The remote does not work some times

#8. Yehsence 1000w Grow Light

We often read and hear the word “daisy chain” when we speak of horticulture and grow lights. Daisy Chain is in layman’s term is connecting devices to each other and plugging it in a single outlet.



  • Less price
  • The fans produce less sound
  • It provides large area coverage


  • The fans needs to clean frequently.

The Yehsence daisy is designed for this kind of circuit and the name speaks for itself, it can do the job of other top brands and is also made of top-quality materials. Perfect for thrifty customers for it costs less than $120.

Now you can start planting your tomatoes, peas, and herbs indoors without having to pay more.

It contains advanced features that help the plants to grow. Suitable for all kinds of growing operations. The balance between the lights could be useful for the growing.

Product Specifications:

Coverage Area: 3.5 ft x 3.5 ft
Dimension: 12.3 in x 8.2 in x 2.9 in
Weight: 4.9 lbs
Warranty: 3 years

According to some review, the built-in fans are too loud on this LED grow light but replacing them would be easy. Another drawback is the brightness of the LEDs, better to wear your shades before opening your grow tents.

Customers are happy with the services Yehsence give on product issues and queries. One customer gave a 5-star rating to the efforts of their customer service team. A good choice for students who wanted to start using a grow light for it only cost $95.

Power is the main drawback compared to others. The fans are easily contained dust particles so it can be cleaned frequently or else it will make some problems.

#9. Dimgogo 1000W Grow Light

You can now get rid of your old HPS/MH lamps and replace it with a cheap, energy-efficient Dimgogo 100W LED GROW LIGHT that. Don’t be mistaken by its cheap price.



  • Produce low heat
  • Consumes less power
  • Excellent energy conversion


  • Need for the environmental system frequently

The product is made of standard materials despite its huge difference from other brands. It received a 4-star review from customers on Amazon due to its good lighting setup.

It decreases the growing time and increases the number of plants in the growing process. It is a great alternative to sunlight. It contains an advanced cooling system.

Product Specification:

Dimensions: 12.2 in x 8.3 in x 2.8 in
Weight: 7.02 lbs
Energy consumption: 0.18kWh
Warranty: 3 years

The LED grow light from Dimgogo is not recommended to be placed in your room due to the lights being too bright. It is preferred to be used in grow tents instead. Stop making bad choices by considering on buying cheaper products in the market especially the ones that range from $30 to $60. Go for a top brand made of good quality materials such as this one.

It would definitely last longer rather buying a grow light of substandard materials. It dissipates the heat very well with its 2 built-in fans. Aside from the issue with its brightness, some customers notice a little spike up in electricity but would still recommend the Dimgogo over HPS grow lights.

The cooling system may absorb the dust particles, it may cause the plants. The light is straight to the plants so it was harmful for the plants.

#10. ONEO 1000W Grow Light

The perfect LED grow light for growing medicinal and edible herbs. Herbs are a fundamental part of the food for their taste. It is also used by chefs as a garnish. But herbs are hard to come by, and some countries aren’t capable of growing herbs.



  • Good quality
  • Effective grow light
  • Durable construction


  • Heavy

We can solve this problem by installing an LED grow light in our kitchens. Design a wall mounted plant shelf for the herbs of your choice and nurture it with a good quality LED grow light.

A huge increase in the demand for grow light started when some states in the USA legalized the use of cannabis. Cannabis has its good and bad effects and must be used with medication.

People in places like California, Michigan, and Washington prefer to cultivate their own plants for recreational and medical use. Like cigarettes, weeds are addictive and must be used with moderation.

Oneo 1000W LED Grow List made its way to our list for its ability to produce good output based on the reviews of herbs and weed growers.

The light has a full spectrum and it adjusts to different ways to save the plants. The light has a solid reflection of the plant

Product Specification:

Dimension: 2.7 in x 7.1 in x 16.2 in
Weight: 6.18 lbs
Warranty: 1 year and a 2-year warranty for parts replacement

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this product has received thousands of positive reviews. Perfect for starters for it only costs $89. It is reviewed to be by far the best LED grow light for medicinal and recreational cannabis.

The customer service team is given 5-stars by some customers who experienced issues with the product. The only drawback on this item is its casing which is made of metal. Adjusting it when turned on could be an issue since metal is a good conductor of heat.

Power is the main drawback compared to others. The high power destroy the plant growth

What are the advantages of LED grow lights?

Growing plants these days are becoming a huge challenge to farmers and horticulturists alike. There are several factors that greatly affect the quality, growth, and life of plants and vegetables especially in urban farming.

One of the huge contributors to this problem is growing cities. It is true that the economy of a country could be seen through its continuous development and construction of roads, buildings, and other business establishments.

For foreign investors to come in, farms lands and even the forests are being converted into cities. This progress is life-changing for it creates new jobs and opportunities to the people.

But to attain a good quality of life, we must consider the food that we eat not just in meat but also in the form of fruits in vegetables. We noticed that both developing and well-developed cities are having a hard time cultivating and producing their own crops, fruits, and vegetables.

The freshest produce must be imported from other countries and the worst part is, fresh fruits and vegetables are a lot more expensive than processed food nowadays. Which is why more people tend to eat cheap fast food. This is just one factor that we aren’t well aware of. Below are some benefits of using LED grow lights.

Eco-friendly and Cost Efficient

Traditional grow lights have a shorter life span due to the heat it produces. Major grow light companies have modernized grow lights with the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LED).

It is proven that LED lights have a longer life span compared to its traditional counterpart. There is a 40% difference in energy consumption between traditional bulbs and LED lights making the latter eco-friendlier and more cost-efficient.

It is safe to use

Modern grow lights have replaced fluorescent and incandescent bulbs with a green light LED. It was a smart move for grow light companies in terms of cutting costs and keeping customers safe from harm. Unlike fluorescent tubes and bulbs, LED does not contain mercury.

You never have to worry about picking up pieces from your shattered light bulbs again when accidentally dropping it since most LED lights in the market and the ones used in the grow light are made out of plastic.

Some people even believe that LED grows lights produce cancerous radiations which is absolutely false. LED lights aren’t hazardous to the human health for it is designed to produce ultra-violet or infrared radiation specifically for plant growth.

Health Investment

City-dwellers people are exposed to the polluted air. The lack of trees and smoke coming out from thousands of vehicles are just a few factors that caused air pollution. University students and people of working-class usually live in high-rise apartments and condominiums.

It is the same people who are exposed to these types of environment. Studies show that people in cities nowadays tend to have a weaker immune system. Fatigue levels are high especially in ages between 18-34 years old. Let us break it down for you and be convinced on why should consider buying a LED grow light now.

Apartments and condominiums are ideally the most convenient place to live in the metro. If you are financially luckier, you get to buy or rent a suite. Imagine your room to be empty of the furniture, appliances, and all other things. You would see 4 walls, a window, and a door.

If you open your window, you let the awful smell of air come into your home which isn’t a very good idea. You get no privacy when you open the door. So, you end up living in a place with very little ventilation.

Now add in your all the things that we removed from a while back. Air circulation within your room becomes constricted and here you are tired from work and smelling like you’ve been smoked by cars.

Here’s the verdict. Your body starts to deteriorate from the lack of oxygen. You seem so weak even after hours of sleep, your face starts to look dull, and what’s worst, you end up being sick in a hospital bed.

The carbon dioxide that’s been building up in your home could have been replaced with oxygen with the help of plants. But how could plants live in a place with no sunlight? Photosynthesis takes place when there are water, carbon dioxide and sunlight keeping the plants alive.

With the help of the LED grow light, your plants could survive in your apartment or condominium, water is available in your faucet which will not be a problem, plus your home will be cleaned off the carbon dioxide. Your health now starts to get better. To know further more benefits of using LED grow lights, check out this YouTube Video

What about the cost?

You may find buying a LED to be a little expensive, but if you look at it from a different perspective, a grow light is a decent investment. As time goes by, your body starts to recover from all the hazards of an urban environment.

Think about it as prevention from sickness and diseases. Trust me, it is wiser to spend your money which benefits your health than to spend it on medication.

Consider your safety when buying a grow light

Don’t let your budget to compromise the quality of the LED light that you are going to buy. Cheap substandard products have so many risks. LED grow lights use electricity and emit heat which may weaken some of its parts after long hours of use.

One major reason that causes a fire is faulty electrical wiring. Faulty electrical wirings can be due to the weak materials that were used to create the appliances. Like all other appliances, LED grow light is not exempted to this kind of possibility.

Settling for cheap products does not mean saving money. Cheap LED grow light usually cost $60.  Buying the cheap product may have saved you $50 compared to its average price of $110 dollars.

You have elevated the possibility of fire in your home because of your bad decision to settle for a cheap LED grow light. Your house could turn in to ashes in just a few hours all because you wanted to save $50. What’s worst, you could have gotten your family hurt.  Always put in mind, NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS!

Indoor plant growing is a thing of the future

You don’t have to be a horticulturist to grow your own indoor plants. Grow lights nowadays are modernized with safety features thus making it safe to use for all ages. Plant growing skills are rarely taught in school.

Our young ones are in a disadvantage due to lack of exposure and knowledge on how we should grow plants. The LED grow light creates an opportunity for families to bond with their children and teach them how to nurture plants and grow them healthily.

As the years go by, more lands are being converted for commercial use. Indoor planting is the best alternative for the oxygen problems in our air. Everything is in our hands now. Guidelines and techniques on how to use grow lights for plant growing are available online for free. Some are in forms of e-books and videos. Make some time to learn together with your friends and family.

We, humans, have a responsibility to keep our environment a healthy place to live. There is no excuse for saving the planet, not even our busiest schedules from long hours of work.

We can contribute to this call by owning a grow light. An average grow light can cover to 3 plants. The more plants we own, the cleaner the air we gets. The cleaner our air gets, the more make our planet a better place to live.


Grow lights can be used in several ways. It could be used for businesses like massive fruit and vegetable production; beautification – for people who love flowers and design; cultivate your own herbs and plants for medication; health and wellness to clean up the carbon dioxide from your home and many more.

There are hundreds of thousands of reviews on LED grow lights. Negative reviews that customers had on grow lights were mostly technical problems and not a single review that involves health.

With all that has been said, it is time for us to open our minds and look at grow lights in a positive way rather feeding ourselves with false claims that grow lights can cause cancer.

There are patients with medical conditions that use grow lights to nurture and grow their own medicinal plants, which could have been advised by their doctors otherwise.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any products in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer here.

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